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Command information
GP Cost 20 per target
Learnt At 40 fighting.special.weapon and enough uses of the berserk command
Skills Used Fighting.special.weapon and fighting.melee for the weapon used
Items Needed A two-handed sharp or blunt weapon
Guild Warriors

Wildswing is a warrior-only command used during combat that will launch an attack on two or more opponents at once. It is gained at 40 levels in fighting.special.weapon and after berserking a total of 20 times (if you've already berserked 20 times before the introduction of the command, the command is gained upon the next berserk).

If successful, the warrior will launch a powerful attack on multiple opponents during a round. Number of targets attempted to hit depends on the warrior's fi.sp.we ability, and efficacy of attacks depends on fi.me for the weapon.

Wildswing can only be used with two-handed weapons which are at least 1/5 sharp or blunt. This means that unless you have nonstandard arms, you can do this to simplify the command:

alias wildswing wildswing with left weapon

Since a two-handed weapon will always occupy your left hand unless you have been enchanted by the right spell(s), this suffices and lets you change weapons freely.