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Weigh is an innate command that gives you a rough estimate of the weight of an item. According to the help file, its accuracy is based on dexterity. If a more accurate weight is needed, it is recommended to use a balance or other weighing device such as the scales at the Djelibeybi post office.

You can generally only weigh an item if you are carrying it, but not wearing it.

Weighing items

In a few rooms you can use items to get a more accurate weight.

Heavier items cannot be weighed on the balances and so can only be weighted on the scales with a little less precision.


A balance is a device used for measuring the weight of items with pound (lb) as the unit of mass.

  • Balances giving the weight in lb are available in the Ankh-Morpork post office and in the Mayor's office in the Escrow town hall.
  • To use the balances, you need to have completed a quest.
  • Items heavier than all the weights (above 13 4/9 lb) cannot be weighed on the balance.
  • You can weigh many items at once, but not worn items.

A pair of scales that give the weight in deben are available in the Djelibeybi post office north of the bazaar.

  • Each weighing attempt costs 1 talon.
  • Using the scales accurately requires people.culture.djelian, a 150 bonus seems enough to always succeed.
  • 9 deben equal 2 lb[1]
  • Due to the conversion rate, the weights returned by the scales introduce a 1/9 lb margin of error.

  1. Written on the scales: For the convenience of ignorant foreigners, it is known under the bubble of the Sky Goddess Nesh that two "pounds" of sand weigh nine deben.

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