Wee Flaudia's cottage

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Wee Flaudia's cottage is located in Mad Wolf, and has a few unusual odds and ends.



The following facilities are available at Flaudia's cottage:

  • Wee Flaudia can, unsurprisingly, teach Wee Flaudia's Fluffy Earmuffs to witches here.
  • A sink and pump serve as a water source.
  • A stove in the laboratory provides a heat source for brewing; you can also use it to make candles (see below).
  • A grinder is in the messy living room; you'll need to search the items to find it.


The following components can be found at Flaudia's cottage:

  • An ivy vine in the garden provides ivy seeds.
  • Comfrey and yarrow can also be found in the garden.
  • The stove in the laboratory can be used to make candles.
  • Search the table in the living room to find a frog.

Other items of interest

  • There are several bottles in the cupboards in the laboratory.

Candle making

To make a candle, you need;

  • A candle wick, which can be bought from Clara's shop in Escrow.
  • Wax, which can also be bought from Clara's shop in Escrow.
  • An empty honeycomb. Honeycombs can be collected from beehives.

Once you have these, go to the laboratory and then:

  • 'Fasten wick on stove'
  • 'Place wax in stove' or 'Place honeycomb in stove'

If the honeycomb is not empty, find an empty bottle from the cupboards

  • 'Shake honeycomb into bottle'

A beeswax candle will be produced after a few seconds and fall to the floor.