Weapon Masters' Court

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In-Game Helpfile

Weapon Masters' Court

These rough and tumble lads and lasses have a rather uncivilised outlook on life, even though they live in the largest known city on the Disc. Although most often employed as mercenaries, Court members tend to have trouble accepting authority, and thus employment.

Despite the deceptive name of "Weapon Masters' Court", their headquarters (complete with brawling pit) is located in a rundown warehouse on Vagabond Street in Ankh-Morpork, which is a rather fitting setting considering some of the members of the Court. This little area on the eastern side of the city, near the Plaza of Broken Moons and south of the mighty (in ways that no human should ever experience) Ankh river, is quiet and not often visited by the general population.

General Description

The Weapon Masters' Court is a very utilitarian guild, with very few "cosmetic" primary skills. This will appeal to some players, especially Numberchasers, but others will find the lack of readily available "toy skills" stifling.


The guildhouse is located on Vagabond Street, and contains the usual guild facilities, as well as a bar, smithy, weapon shop, and bulletin board for the Warriors' Guild.

Players can also hire mercenaries at the bar here, at a rate of &&&&&&&&&&&+2000 $5 per (Discworld) hour. These mercenaries will follow you around (after you tell them to), protect you, and attack npcs you attack. They are unarmed and have no armour (but are trolls and therefore have troll skin). Their stats and bonuses vary somewhat. Note that:

  • If you log out, or if there's a reboot, they will leave early.
  • If you let them get killed, you won't be able to hire another.
  • If you attack them, they'll leave immediately and you won't be able to hire another.
  • If they're helping you fight, you'll share any kill/burial xp with them.
  • They will follow you into passage rooms.
  • You can only hire one mercenary at a time.