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A water room is a room that's underwater or on the surface of some water. Oceans, lakes, and rivers are all made up of water rooms.

Special properties

  • You need skill in adventuring.movement.swimming to move from room to room, or to avoid sinking. More weight (not burden!) of your inventory makes it harder not to sink, and harder to swim up.
  • You cannot journey through these terrains.
  • Swimming around makes you wet and fills any open vessels you may have unless you are protected by a layer of lard.
  • Objects dropped will sink until they reach the bottom.
  • Things cannot be dragged here.
  • You can only bury things if they're on the bottom.
  • If you "float", you will not resist the current (or sinking). You can "swim" to resist again.
  • Fishites get a bonus to rituals while in these rooms. The bonus is greater when underwater than on the surface.
  • You can use bubblebath in water rooms.

On the surface


  • If you stay underwater for too long without Breathe Underwater or Kraken blood, you will start drowning. Some npcs can drown, while others are immune.
  • You can portal when underwater, but you can only passage if you are using Breathe Underwater or Kraken blood. Other rituals requiring the power of speech are also prevented if you do not have gills.
  • If you try speaking without having gills, you will inhale water and your constitution may drop.
  • It gets colder and darker as you go deeper.
  • Under the surface, the map is more limited.

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