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You can wash yourself in several areas, either baths or other places where soap or similar can be found.

For bathtubs, you have to sit in them to be able to wash.

Washing people

Washing yourself in a bath or bathhouse gets rid of various effects:

In some cases you may need to wash yourself repeatedly to remove an effect (fleas in particular seem harder to remove unless you use the laundry room).

It also makes you wet.

You can use bubblebath in baths.

Washing objects

You can wash objects in Blue Moon Park in the streams with some of the fine sand.

  • This adds a line to the object "It is wet."


City/town Location Cost Notes
Ankh-Morpork Mended Drum, bathroom Free
Ankh-Morpork Thieves' guild, cellar Free
Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins, ground floor Free
Ankh-Morpork Laundry house in Little Agatea &&&&&&&&&&&&+700 $1.75 Starts automatically when you enter the room; dries you as well.
Ankh-Morpork Public bath on Nap Lane near Least Gate &&&&&&&&&&&&+100 25p
Bad Ass The creek east of the crossroad leading to the Granny Weatherwax's cottage Free When you wash in the creek a gnome appears to provide soap.
Bes Pelargic Imperial bathhouses on Street of the Smiling Dog near the Hall of Records Free
Bes Pelargic Fang estate, upstairs in family-only area Free
Bes Pelargic Bathroom upstairs in a pleasant house at west end of Cat's Tail Free type wash with soap
Bes Pelargic McSweeney estate, visitors' bathroom near entrance Free
Bes Pelargic Streams in Blue Moon Park Free Objects only
Creel Springs Hot spring Free Being in water provides some healing.
Djelibeybi Ephebian embassy on Road of the Sun Free
Djelibeybi Mansion on Ibis Parade, ground floor Free
Genua Bath house on Samedi Crescent &&&&&&&&&&&&+150 50Gc
Genua Mano Rossa, first floor Free
Genua Shower stall in Thieves' Guild Free
Sto Lat Mansion on Quirm Street Free
Temple of the Listening Monks washroom (washbasin) Free

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