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|Blade Dancer
|Blade Dancer
|Non-Union Butcher
|Non-Union Butcher
|Unindicted Conspirator
|441 - 450
|441 - 450
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|Life Vanquisher
|Life Vanquisher
|Bull Sensei
|Swordsmanship Instructor
|Swordsmanship Instructor
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|Heroic, Almighty Slayer
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|Ultimate Reality

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Warriors come in many different shapes and forms, but nearly all of them agree on one thing: Ugh! That, and few things are more important than violently stabbing, bashing or slashing pretty much anything that crosses their path.

Those who wish to tread the blood-stained path can choose from ten different specialisations:

Specialisation Location
The Ankh-Morpork Palace Guard Ankh-Morpork
The Weapon Masters' Court Ankh-Morpork
The Djelian Guard Djelibeybi
The Klatchian Foreign Legion Klatch
The Hublandish Barbarians The Ramtops
The Hunters The Ramtops
The Lancre Highland Regiment Lancre Town
The Imperial Guard Bes Pelargic
The Samurai Bes Pelargic
Duchess Saturday's Musketeers Genua


Before the guild was divided, there was an elected Guildmaster/mistress, who appointed several Squires to assist in the running of the guild. Even then, the attitude was very laissez-faire, with very little intervention from the administration.

In more recent times, warriors shy away from Politics, each taking his own path in life. There is no guild infrastructure and any guild relationships are made by choice, they are not so different from mercenaries. Their reasons to what they do are their own.



Below is a table comparing each specialization's primaries.

Palace Guards Weapon Masters Djelian Guards Foreign Legion Barbarians Hunters Highlanders Imperial Guards Samurai Musketeers


Guild Level PG/DG/KFL/LHR/IG Barbarians Hunters Samurai Weapon Masters Musketeers
0 - 20 Privy Cleaner Cuddler of Kittens Flower Picker Close Shaver Novice Fighter Wannabe Musketeer
21 - 40 Potato Peeler Impolite Thug Rabbit Cuddler Paper Cut Inflicter Sand Castle Destroyer Sozzled Student
41 - 60 Mummy's Girl/Boy Unruly Brawler Deer Stroker Initial Carver Impolite Trainee Carouser
61 - 80 Boot Shiner Disobedient Hooligan Crop Grower Vegetable Slicer Tentative Fighter Well-Dressed Apprentice
81 - 100 Privy Attendant Unhousebroken Annoyance Goat Herder Hedge Trimmer Disobedient Fledgling Duelist
101 - 120 Vegetable Slayer Uncivil Thug Donkey Tamer Amateur Hacker Unruly Thug Plucky Balladist
121 - 140 Messenger Boy Roughneck Brawler Mouse Hunter Fish Filleter Destructive Fighter Skilled Fencer
141 - 160 Uniform Presser Illiterate Savage Squirrel Killer Apprentice Samurai Uncivil Gifted Fencer
161-180 Cannon Fodder Antisocial Annoyance Unhousebroken Cockroach Impaler Competent Fighter Expert Fencer
181 - 200 Greenhorn Campaigner Ill Mannered Thug Intrepid Stalker Monster Squishi Maker Illiterate Annoyance Masterful Fencer
201 - 220 Commander of the Mess Hall Gnasher of Teeth Roughneck Spider Slasher Manic Fighter Compulsive Carouser
221 - 235 Barracks Leader Disrespectful Thug Disrespectful Savage Tree Pruner Antisocial Hooligan Brawling Bard
236 - 250 Dispute Settler Ignorer of Niceties Green Hornet Keen Samurai Repugnant Savage Cautious Duellist
251 - 265 Platoon Leader Reeking Barbarian Forest Fiend Hacker and Slasher Frenzied Fighter Confident Duellist
266 - 280 War Monger Spiller of Beer Horse Tamer Chopper Destroyer of Monsters Well-Mannered Duellist
281 - 295 Camp Master Muscle-bound Thug Bloody Butcher Slicer and Dicer Bloodcurdling Fighter Steely Duellist
296 - 310 Battlefield Junkie Filthy Barbarian Wolf in Sheep's Clothing Adept Samurai Chaotic Fighting Fiend Honourable Duellist
311 - 325 Diplomat Random Destroyer Striking Cobra Monster Steak Carver Musclebound Thug Chandelier Swinger
326 - 340 Career Soldier Spiller of Blood Leatherbound Killer Fencer Spiller of Blood Swashbuckler
341 - 350 Veteran Indiscriminate Butcher Expert Tracker Swaggering Samurai Slayer of Mortals Dashing Swashbuckler
351 - 360 Comrade of Death Breaker of Bones Random Rampager Innards Spiller Utter Manic Destroyer Daring Swashbuckler
361 - 370 Seasoned Campaigner Expert Berserker Hamster Hurler Spine Severer Harbinger of Doom Romantic Swashbuckler
371 - 380 Awesome Combatant Teeth Smasher Scarred Wanderer Swift Samurai Heroic Psychopathic Killing Machine Renowned Swashbuckler
381 - 390 Undertaker's Partner Layer of Waste Skull Collector Professional Hacker Mighty Monster Masher Heroic Swashbuckler
391 - 400 Army of One Repugnant Barbarian Taxidermist Blood Spiller Destroyer of Souls Legendary Swashbuckler
401 - 410 Policy Maker Nomadic Hunter Flesh Harrower Berserker
411 - 420 Veteran Campaigner Drunken Dervish Curse of Nature Sheet Metal Age Survivor Clean Killer
421 - 430 Master of Tactics Master Trapper Expert Samurai Hacking and Slashing Expert Fighter
431 - 440 Spymaster Head Splitter Elephant Tamer Blade Dancer Non-Union Butcher Unindicted Conspirator
441 - 450 Battleweary Veteran Murdering Savage Vorpal Hamsters Slayer Mortal Coil Shuffler Gate Crasher
451 - 455 Life Vanquisher Bull Sensei Swordsmanship Instructor
456 - 460 Grizzled Campaigner Blood Splattered
461 - 465 Widow Maker Steel Bladed Blender Bone Collector
466 - 470 Death Specialist Syndicated Slaughterer Deliverer of Souls
471 - 475 Murdering Savage
476 - 480 Masterful Tactician
481 - 485 Blood Seeking Scourge Maker of Many Small Monster Parts
486 - 490 War Chief Heroic, Almighty Slayer
491 - 495 Commander of Death Ultimate Reality
496 - 499 the Conqueror
500 and up Coup de Grace Blade Master Grave of All Hope

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