Warrior Games 2021

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The Games were held on 20th and 21st March 2021. First initiated as an idea by Lapis, the games appeared to stall with just a week to go due to the banning of Lapis and her alts. However, Rauna and then Proeliator stepped in to make the games happen in some form.

Organising the Event: Warriors Guild Board Posts

Post by Rauna on 12 March 2021

Hi Warriors

Okay the time has come for all good and evil warriors to join the party. Lapis is no longer with the disc - so it’s up to us to bring the warriors games back, possibly in reinvented form. 

I’m proposing a simpler event set: trophy hunt, brawl, drinking games, most stylish warrior. On the same weekend - 20 and 21 March. There’s also the siege the next weekend!

I can host and do the event listing etc but then you are stuck with NZ time zone - I would LOVE for some cohosts and help. Is anyone keen? Please?

Would also love for someone to take on the rugby hosting - or any of the other events that Lapis highlighted. 

Also we need to resurrect some prizes or compete for glory and fun and blood. Well.

Who is keen? Hit me up if you can help. 

Rauna - Queen of the Idle Warriors 

Post by Proeliator on 12 March 2021

To help out Rauna i'll be hosting the Rugby event on Saturday the 20th of March and 1pm (GMT).

It's a PK event but you'll only be PK during the game. Everyone enjoys stomping on people's heads but there will be no corpse looting. Murdering is completely within the rules but we aint dirty thieves.

I'll rummage some shiney prizes together for the following catagories

- Winning Team
- Most goals scored by a single person
- Most kills by a single person
- Most deaths 

I'm welcome to suggestions, and offers of prizes!

Non warriors are more than welcome to come and watch, there's a bar upstairs where you can drink and make as much noise as you like!

Let me know if you're interested in joining, we need lots of players for this event

Event Prizes

Prizes that had previously been donated through Lapis were largely recovered through the efforts of Liaison leader Aristophanes. Further prizes were donated directly to Rauna and Proeliator by clubs, player shops, councils, newspapers and players.

-- Item Sponsors --

Blystyryng – a range of weapons

Cops - 5 brain cells and a lamp

Daedalus - 2 grflx scales and gauntlets

Elauna - ornate warhammer

Eudora - 5 vouchers for free deludes

Fernir - ornate warhammer and components for dwarfish axe

Mirodar - platinum sword necklace, made into a permalight by Camelion

MrWolfie – 3 delicate amulets and 3 finesmithed items, with gem work by Haize

Noxious – eight makhairai and stiles, a gebra dory and purple powder

Proeliator - 2 runic wrenches, small compact and a dwarfish textbook

Rakah - ornate warhammer

Sevyn – a range of weapons and armour

Shonkers - 3 vouchers for Shonkers stores and armour items

Turnerette - sea serpent fang and gauntlets

Zorelian – a hunting blorp kit of 15 locations 

-- Cash Sponsors --

Kalama - 10 royals

Noxious - 20 royals

Anon - 30 royals

Toffee - 50 royals

AM Daily - 50 royals

Green Slab - 50 royals

Urwan - 50 royals

Dyne - 50 royals

AM Council - 100 royals

Selene - 100 royals

Turnerette - 100 royals