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This edition of the Witch Trials was held in the field with Unlucky Charlie the scarecrow in Lancre.

It was organized and hosted by QiuYan.

It started around at 12:05 pm GMT on Saturday February 12th and lasted until approximately 14:50 pm GMT on the 12th.

The Warrior Games 2011 were a competitive guild event held on the 27th March and 3rd April 2011.


These were the first Warrior games held in almost 3 years. The events contested were of a similar format to those of Chimara's original Warrior Game trials, 2007, though were the first games to feature a points system and elect a Champion at the conclusion of the tournament. Most of this format was devised during the Warrior Games plans, 2009.


In February, following the success of the Witch Trials, Mavado made several posts on the Warriors Board suggesting the revival of the Warrior Games.

Games Revival

So, been thinking whether we could put on our own annual warrior games.

For example, been thinking maybe set loose small groups of warriors that have to make the biggest corpse piles they can at set locations within a set time limit, and before they decay. Or even the first team to hit 50-100 corpses or something. To make this more fair, gfr would be disallowed, so dragging corpses (or carrying one if you have enough str) is the only means of collecting them.

Herding contest, where you are given a small list of certain NPC's, and you have to herd them all into one room, first to get them all in the same room, alive, wins.

Or a game where we'd strip a maiden naked and let her loose in the middle of terrains to run around, and warriors have to hunt her down with track, first one to find her it wins. For the lady warriors out there, you'll just have be open minded.

Baton relay around AM, where you would have a team of 4, first team to the finish line wins.

Boat races, 'nuff said.

Funniest warcry contest.

Anyway, if you have some good ideas/suggestions, post em up.

Support for the Games outpaced the development of the events and format and soon there were offers of donations and sponsorships coming in from all angles.

Boat races is a drinking game where two equal teams have to drink in one after another and after drinking place the glass on their head upside down. First team to have everyone finished wins.
Looks like the games are generating interest, and we've got our first sponsors!

Garrion has generously donated $1000AM, a set of iron gauntlets, a warrior's brain cell, black leather gloves, t-fang, laced grflx jerkin, 2 pairs of grflx boots and a grflx scale!

Phoenix Pshop has generously donated a permalight blackened canteen, a t-fang and a pair of dex gauntlets!

I'll personally add, a suit of radded KS armours, (KS vambraces, KS greaves, KS sabatons, KS coif, KS bevor and KS hauberk), a pair of iron gauntlets, $25,000AM, and xp prizes of 10m, 5m, 2m, and 1m (which can be exchanged for money at a rate of 1r per 1m xp, in the event the winner wants the money, or in the event we cannot organise a suitable time to get the xp).

If you'd like to donate, sponsor or help organise this event, please contact me. I'd be pretty keen to get a group together to help plan, organise and run the event :)

Development of Idea

Chimara posted his recollections of the original games and the problems he had getting some of the events to work.

The old drinking game was "Here are x bottles, everyone must drink all of the contents and last one to pass out wins". It took into account time differences between when people drank to when they passed out...it worked quite well for a first time basis and was more or less a way to "end the games".

I never got the tracking one sorted properly, because I couldn't think of ways to avoid scrying and whatnot (obv. crystal but not infallible). Plus PK/NPK checks were more of a problem then.

As Sinule said, darts was one of the games. A CTF tournament free for all where points were tallied up individually. I think I was rather busy back then so never got round to publishing those scores and declaring a final winner...

I think we did do a quiz but it was quite a while ago so don't remember all the finer details.

Mavado then posted two options for the date and time of the Games, slated for mid-March, as well as an outline of the potential events.

I've received new donations for the games:

Garangkal has generously offered $10k AM

Asaram has generously offered a suit of warded grflx armours

Caramon has donated 2 t-fangs and a metal helm permalight.

A big thank you to all the people who have donated!

I'll hopefully have a rough events list by mid week, and a tentative date for the event by the end of the week.
Proposed date:

Sunday March 13th, 

Putting the time to a vote:



Personally, i'd prefer B, since it'd be easier for the guys over in the Eastern Aussie states. Vote!

Proposed events:

Tracking contest:
All contestants will be taken to the terrains, and will have to track down a not-so-helpless maiden (Lanfear). First person to find her, wins!

Corpse piling contest:
Contestants will be split into their Warriors specs, and sent out to collect corpses, each guild will have a seperate collection point. The event will run for 20-30 minutes, and the corpses will be counted by marshals at each collection point, before being buried (before they decay). Teams that collect the most corpses, will win. GFR will be disallowed.

Scavenger hunt:
Items will be placed on named NPC's, and each team (based on Warrior's specialization) will be required to bring back the item as well as the head of the NPC, to provide proof of kill. Any means of scrying the NPC is allowed. The team with the highest number of items will be declared the winner.

Foot race:
4 players from each Specialization will be selected for a baton relay. Each player in the team will be placed at a different location (the same location for each team) and have to run to the next player, and pass the baton over. The first team to get their baton to the finish line, wins. The race may be set over multiple different cities, with friendly helpful wizards keeping standing portals alive at various locations.

CTF brawl:
Free-for-all-no-holds-barred-group-up-and-butcher-whoever brawl in CTF. Every man for himself, fun for the whole family.

A quiz, followed by...

A good ol' fashioned drinking contest at a random pub on disc, each player will be given a round of increasingly potent alcohol to skoll. Last player to remain conscious, gets to draw with texta all over the unconscious players.

At this stage, I'm calling on players from each Spec to elect a captain to organize their teams. If there is no team captain selected within the next week, i'll just ask someone to be the captain.

Each event will be scored on a first, second and third basis, and the main prize money will be split on a 50:30:20 basis, based on the final scores for each team, and will be split equally among all competing team members.

There will be door prizes as well, for every player that enters, and the remaining prizes will be given out during the quiz.

Any Specs that are unable to form a big enough team, may be combined, at the discretion of the event organizer (me).

Depending on the success of the Warrior Games, i may create an inter-spec CTF tourney, but that would be held at a separate, later date.

If you'd like to donate to the games, then please contact me.

Any comments/suggestions?

Games take a New Direction

Following an unfavourable reaction among the playerbase (mostly non-warrior in nature) to the proposed times of the Games, Mavado delegated the organisation of the Games to Chooxen, who took over the project, split the Games over two days, set events more in-keeping with the Games organised by Chimara, as well as introducing the points system outlined in the Warrior Games plans, 2009:


Following extensive discussion and planning, we've developed a programme for the 2011 Games guaranteed to rock your socks off. The aim of the Games is to provide warriors of all character ages and skill levels with the opportunity to compete, earn prizes and bellow 'UG/H' needlessly.

As such, we've pushed back the date a couple weeks to allow for preparation and anticipation, and have split the event over two consecutive Sundays.

New and finalised dates and times are:

Sunday 27th March
Sydney: 11pm

Sunday 3rd April
Sydney: 11PM

We've done our best to make the times doable for people across all three English-speaking continents, and we're sorry if they clash with anyone's schedule.

The events we've devised are mostly a reimagining of old favourites, with the emphasis on competition at all levels. The criteria by which prizes and points throughout the overall tournament might be earned shoud be fun and competitve for highbies, midbies and newbies alike.

The events we're running this year are:
Day 1 - Warriors CTF Brawl, Darts Tournament, Drinking Competition.
Day 2 - Warcrying Imps, Track in Field, followed by the Prizegiving ceremony.

More details on exactly how these shall work to follow.

The prize fund this year is shaping up to be epic. Already, the organisers have contributed over A$125,000 worth of cash and gear and that figure may well rise.

Prizes will be awarded based on performance in individual events as well as earning players points that will be accumulated over the course of the tournament. The warrior with the most points at the close of the tournament is crowned Champion, and is set to win a jackpot currently peaking at A$40,000. There are generous prizes reserved for runners-up as well as younger players, details of which shall be announced at a later date.

If you'd like to sponsor the Games, donate to the prize fund or help organise events, please get in touch with myself or Mavado, we'd be delighted to hear from you.

We should have a webpage up and running within the week with much more info on it. Until then: UGH!

Prize Fund


The events were scheduled across two consecutive Sundays.

Day 1

Sunday 27th March 2011

Warriors Brawl

Location: CTF Castle, SE from Tulip on the Klatch road.

“A 30 minute free-for-all brawl in the CTF Arena, not judged on teams but on individual kill / hoist scores for each player. If people want to group up and work together, they’re perfectly welcome to but will be judged on individual scores. A training session for anyone unsure how to play or requiring a tune-up will be announced on the board shortly.”
  • Scores are determined by:
Each kill (solo or group) = 2
Each flag hoist = 5
  • Points awarded:
Points awarded that count towards the leader board based on highest player score at the end of the brawl (see above).
1st place: 10 points
2nd place: 7 points
3rd place: 5 points
4th place: 3 pointes
5th place: 1 point
  • On-the-spot prizes:
Highest score: $5,000
  • For players under 40 days of age:
Most solo / group kills: AM$2,000
Most hoists: AM$2,000
  • Rules:
Rack selection is limited to healing and armour – no magic, components or ranged.
Let anyone into your team – team scores do not count and there is no limit on melee racks.
No magic or faith effects on a player prior to entering team rooms.
No camping outside team rooms.
Killing members of your own team is allowed and encouraged as we are ignoring teams in the scoring system.

Darts Tournmanet

Location: The Troll’s Head, Romeo Street (outer Shades), Ankh-Morpork.

“Players are paired off for a darts tournament in one of AM’s dodgiest establishments. The first round will be paired based on the age of players entering so that warriors play others of a similar experience level. Thus, younger players will have every chance to advance far into the tournament, though a decent ranged bonus would undoubtedly prove a huge advantage.”

*Points awarded:
::1st: 10 points
::2nd: 7 points
::3rd: 5 points
::4th: 3 points (3rd and 4th place determined by playoff between losing semi-finalists)

*On-the-spot prizes:
::1st place: $5,000

::No bronze helms, flat caps, witchy mockery or similar means of boosting bonuses.
::In fact, the only performance enhancing drugs permitted are iron gaunts (and booze)

====Drinking Competition====
Location: Mavado’s House, junction of Cat’s Tail and Willow Avenue, southeast Bes Pelargic.

“Probably the funnest event of previous years, players are locked in a Phouse and each given a round of increasingly potent alcohol to quaff. The last warrior still conscious wins. The losers are drawn on in crayon for being so unwarriorly.”
  • Points awarded:
Last warrior standing: 10 points
2nd last: 7 points
3rd: 5 points
4th: 3 points
5th: 1 point
  • On-the-spot prizes:
1st place: $5,000
  • Rules:
No Cure Drunkness! Or that wizzie spell that gives you more Con. Or any similar trickery! UGH!
Everyone drinks when told to CHUG! No half measures, no willy woofters.
Once you pass out, you’re out the game. You can still drink for the hell of it though.

Day 2

Sunday 3rd April 2011

Warcrying Imperial Guards

Location: Square of 1000 parades, Bes Pelargic.

“Simply write a custom warcry message, something really ferocious, witty or funny, then step up in front of a panel of judges and deliver it to an Imperial Guard. Points are awarded in separate categories for Best Message, Biggest Flinch of an Imp to the warcry and Fastest Kill of an imp. If you don’t want to attack an imp or attempt killing one, feel free just to compete in the Best Message and / or Biggest Flinch categories.”
  • Points awarded:
Best message:
1st place: 5 points
2nd place: 3 points
3rd place: 1 point
Biggest flinch:
1st place: 5 points
2nd place: 3 points
3rd place: 1 point
Quickest kill:
1st place: 5 points
2nd place: 3 points
3rd place: 1 point
  • On-the-spot prizes:
Best message: AM$2,000
Biggest flinch: AM$2,000
Quickest kill: AM$2,000
  • Rules:
Warpaint is allowed but no bronze helm, flat caps or stat boosts other than gaunts.
If you don’t want to risk attacking an imperial guard, feel free just to shout the message and compete only for the Best Message.
Players can win points in each category so, theoretically, one player could walk away with 15 points.

Track in Field

Location: Widdershin’s Gate, Ankh-Morpork.

“A certain fishy NPC is dragged around the terrains surrounding Ankh-Morpork, and players must use their tracking skills to find the NPC the fastest.”
  • Points awarded:
1st to find Ryatt: 10 points
2nd: 7 points
3rd: 5 points
4th: 3 points
5th: 1 point
  • On-the-spot prizes:
1st place: $5,000
  • For players under 40 days of age:
1st (below 40 days) to find Ryatt: $1,500 + Tiger Fangs
2nd: $1000 + Iron Gauntlets
  • Rules:
No following, no pursuing, no grouping, no scrying nor any other cheatery!
Ryatt gets a two minute headstart before the players may leave the starting line, no exceptions.


Day 1

Warriors Brawl

Darts Tournament

Drinking Competition

Leaderboard at end of Day 1

1. Nierra – 30 pts 2. Baldarov – 15 pts 3. Kaxak – 12 pts 4. Barkhausen – 8 pts 5. Panthera – 6 pts 6. Holister – 5 pts 7. Ignavus – 3 pts

Day 2

Warcrying Imps

Track in Field

Leaderboard at end of Day 2

Champions and prize giving

Conclusion and acknowledgements