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Command information
GP Cost 20
Learnt At 25 of crafts.arts.painting
Skills Used crafts.arts.painting
Items Needed paint
Guild Warriors

Warpaint is a warrior-only command used before or during combat.


Warpaint can be learned at 25 levels of crafts.arts.painting from a guild instructor or from another player who has the command.


warpaint <warrior> {with|using} <paint> drawing random                     
warpaint <warrior> {with|using} <paint> drawing <design>                  
warpaint <warrior> {with|using} <paint> 
warpaint remove [paint from] <warrior> 
alias .warpaints <design>;<design>;<design>


A successful warpaint application will give your warcries a boost for as long as the paint lasts, as well as a minor boost to GP regeneration while in combat.

A successful application yields the messagee "The beast stirs within you, and you feel the urge to let loose a scream.", and it will make your warcry display this line right before firing: "A primal instinct adds extra weight to your cry.". If it fails the crafts.arts.painting skillcheck, you get the message "You feel a bit less fierce", and it will make you hesitate before warcrying (possibly affecting your warcry negatively).

The length of time an application will last can be determined from the adjective in the description line of a player wearing warpaint:

Her face is [adjective] decorated with <design> in <colour> paint.

The adjectives and the time each lasts for are: Fearsomely - 5mins+, Vividly - 4mins, Clearly - 3mins, Decorated (no adjective) - 2mins, Shakily (failure) - <2mins.

The likelihood of gaining a more successful application scales with your crafts.arts.painting bonus, which caps out at consistent fearsome messages. The messages do not affect the boost given to gp or to warcry, with the possible exception of failure messages, the effects of which require further testing.

Lastly, while your warpaint is on and you are in combat, you regenerate an additional 3 gp every 4th heartbeat, or +.75 gp/heartbeat.


You can warpaint warrior classed NPCs (warriors, old ladies, crows, watchmen, etc) for TMing or just playing around. This includes almost every NPC who isn’t explicitly something else - included shearers, skeleton warriors and pets.

It uses 20 craft gp.

Any face covering, such as a mask or some helmets, will prevent you from painting your face and must be removed first. However, if you put on a mask or helmet after painting your face, the paint will still show through, like this:

You can just make out <design> in <colour> paint beneath her mask.

It requires paint. A tin of paint (1 quart) has enough paint in it for fifty uses of the command.

If you buy a blackened canteen, you can fill it with paint and paint yourself directly from it (it will automatically open and close the container in the process).

If you identify a container as your "component pouch" beforehand, you will automatically take out and use the first container of paint from it (also automatically opening and closing the paint container). However, you won't put it back in the component pouch automatically.

You can remove your own warpaint with the command syntax warpaint remove me. Removing warpaint costs no gp. Your face must be uncovered. You cannot remove warpaint from NPCs.

You can mix two paint colours in a canteen and when you apply it will look like banded colours:

 Her face is vividly decorated with swirling dragons in bands of blush pink paint and desert brown paint.

More than two colours doesn’t work - the colour description becomes “unidentifiable gunge”.

Warpainting your horse increases its intution and str by 5.

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