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Command information
GP Cost 20
Learnt At 25 of crafts.arts.painting
Skills Used crafts.arts.painting
Items Needed paint
Guild Warriors

Warpaint is a warrior-only command used before combat.


Warpaint can be learned at 25 levels of crafts.arts.painting from a guild instructor or from another player who has the command.


warpaint <warrior> {with|using} <paint> drawing random                     
warpaint <warrior> {with|using} <paint> drawing <design>                  
warpaint <warrior> {with|using} <paint> 
warpaint remove [paint from] <warrior> 
alias .warpaints <design>;<design>;<design>


If successful, you will see "The beast stirs within you, and you feel the urge to let loose a scream.", and it will make your warcry command display this line just before firing: "A primal instinct adds extra weight to your cry.". If it goes wrong you get the message "You feel a bit less fierce", and it will make you hesitate before warcrying.research

It also adds a line to your description:

Her face is [adjective] decorated with <design> in <colour> paint.


You can warpaint warrior classed NPCs (warriors, old ladies, crows, watchmen, etc) for TMing or just playing around.

It uses 20 craft gp.

Any face covering, such as a mask or some helmets, will prevent you from painting your face and must be removed first.

It requires paint. A tin of paint (1 quart) has enough paint in it for fifty uses of the command.

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