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Command information
GP Cost 10/10
Learnt At 25 of fighting.special.tactics
Skills Used fighting.special.tactics
Items Needed N/A
Guild Warriors

Warcry is a warrior-only command that is used to start combat. It costs 10 points to prepare it, and 10 more points when the cry is uttered.


Warcry can be learned at 25 levels of fighting.special.tactics from a guild instructor or from another player who has the command.


warcry <message> 
warcry random
alias .warcries <message>;<message>;<message>


If successful, it will temporarily lower the target's bonuses in their fighting skills. There are a variety of messages that idicate how shaken the target is by your warcry; these may give an indication of how much their bonuses were lowered (if at all).research

August 2010: It will temporarily lower the target's bonuses in _all_ their skills, except points and ad.health.

It seems to be possible for a target to be affected by multiple warcries at once (from different warriors, naturally).

The target's fighting.special.tactics defends against it.

Related achievements

Warcry achievements belong to the warriors category.

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