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Mudlib-unconf.gif This page contains formulae or data from the distribution mudlib. This information may be several years out of date, so needs to be verified as correct. You can help by performing research to validate it.
Command information
GP Cost 25 per item separately
50 to compare 2 items together
Learnt At 5
Skills Used adventuring.evaluating.armour
Items Needed None
Guild Available to all

Vurdere is a command which can be used to gain an rough idea of how much good a piece of armour is at blocking damage. It can also be used to compare two pieces of armour to see which is better. It costs 25 GP to vurdere a single item, and 25 GP for each additional item when doing multiple comparisons, up to a maximum of 10 items.

Vurdere takes into account:

Vurdere does not take into account:

  • The degree of enchantment of the armour.
  • The armour's condition.
  • The armour's weight.
  • Any of the player's skills.

When used to compare multiple pieces of armour, the accuracy of the command is dependent on the player's adventuring.evaluating.armour bonus.

Reported quality

The reported quality of the armour is dependent only on the armour's base AC. The vurdere command reports the quality separately versus the three physical damage types (blunt, sharp and pierce).

You can vurdere several items at once separately.

  • For example: "vurdere armour 1 & armour 2 & armour 3"
  • This uses 25 gp per item vurdered.
  • There's no decrease in xp return with more items.
  • The maximum amount of armours you can vurdere at once seems to be skill-dependent, 12 for a 222 bonus.

The following table indicates the base AC for each vurdere rating:

Base AC Vurdere
0-3 Terrible
4-7 Amazingly poor
8-11 Pretty poor
12-15 Poor
16-18 OK
19-22 Average
23-26 Good
27-30 Very good
31-33 Extremely good
34+ Excellent

Vurdere against

You can vurdere an armour piece against another to get a rough idea of how different their AC is. This uses 50 adventuring gp.

First though (according to the mudlib) you need a good enough bonus to tell them apart.

Specifically, below a 350 bonus in, items that differ in absolute value less than the following will vurdere as "is the same as".

smallest AC difference that you can vurdere = (350 - bonus) / 10

If you can tell the items apart you get one of the following message:

Message AC difference
is exactly the same as 0
is slightly <better/worse> than 1 - 9
is <better/worse> than 10 - 19
is much <better/worse> than 20 - 39
is amazingly <better/worse> than 40+

These AC values seem to be absolute in the mudlib (as seen in cmds/guild-race/other/vurdere.c).

Other information

Vurdere also reports which body areas are covered by the armour.

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