Vote of no Confidence

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A Vote of no Confidence (often abbreviated to VonC) is used to try and remove a player from an elected position in the thief and assassin guilds, and is similar to the schism that Priests use to remove High Priests. A member of the guild requests a Vote of no Confidence in their appropriate election room and must have it seconded by another member to pass through to the voting stage.

In the case of the Thieves' Guild, a vote of no confidence can only be requested or seconded by the Monitors.


A Vote of no Confidence lasts for seven days and will only be successful if there is a two to one majority against the current incumbent. A quorum of at least five votes is also required for any vote to pass. A successful Vote of no Confidence will result in an election being called to fill the vacated position.

All results are posted to the official assassinsguild board.