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{{Infobox weapon
{{Infobox weapon
  | Judges as = Very good
  | Judge = Very good
| Bonus = 206
  | Weight = 6 lb
  | Weight = 6 lb
  | Commands = none
  | Commands = none

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Ventriloquist's dummy
Weapon information
Precise dimensions No information
Material No information
Weight 6 lb
Thaums/sec  ? stable / ? talisman / ? max
Hands 1
Commands none
Melee type Misc weapon
Judge data
No melee judge information

Long Description

This is a large wooden dummy with a slot in the back. Its face has been painted with two rosy red cheeks. Its mouth is loose and worked via a lever inside the dummy. You'd need to insert your hand up... er.. the dummy, to be able to 'make' the dummy say anything, though.

Appraises As

The ventriloquist's dummy is about six inches long and about six inches wide. It is made of wood and could be used as a weapon of type misc.


Kefka's Item Database


The syntax to use the dummy is: make <object> say <string>

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