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Vampires hang out in Escrow at night and around the Magpyr Castle. They autoattack, use delayed pursuit and have stat-draining venom that can make you stumble around.

Killing a vampire turns it into a pile of white ash, and everything it was wearing or carrying falls to the ground.


The following, in Escrow, are vampires:

  • beautiful women
  • handsome men
  • slim women
  • slinky girls
  • vampire of <name>
  • young men


When someone is killed by a vampire, their corpse becomes a vampire a little under a minute after the last item of inventory (including money) is retrieved from it. They are called a vampire of <name>. This applies to both player and npc corpses.

The corpse has an extra line added to it:

It seems to be twitching slightly, almost as if it's still alive.  You probably shouldn't get too close.

It also gives off chats ("The corpse of a brawny man twitches slightly.") and cannot be buried.

These corpses will also become vampires once they reach the point where they would normally decay all the way. (At least, this is true for npc corpses.)

About twenty seconds before a corpse rises as a vampire[1], this happens:

The somewhat decayed remains of a corpse jerks violently, its limbs quivering.


The somewhat decayed remains of a corpse seems to arch its back, and a faint gasp comes from its mouth.
The corpse's eyes snap open, and a vicious grin spreads across its face.  It rises upwards without bothering to push away from the ground, standing upright, its eyes flashing.  You notice that the fangs of the corpse look considerably longer than they used to.
The vampire of a brawny man glances down at himself and grimaces.  He waves one arm and is instantly clothed in more fitting garments.
The vampire of a brawny man grins viciously.
The vampire of a brawny man moves aggressively towards you!

The clothes they summon onto themselves are the same as the ones the other vampires wear.

Using the godmother's services while in the same room with your corpse (which brings your corpse along with you) appears to de-vampirify your corpse.


Vampires can kill a new character within one round:

The land is lit up by the eerie light of the full moon.
This is a rather quiet and empty street that weaves its way through Escrow. A dark building that reeks of spilt beer stands to the west, while to the east stands a large home nestled in between several others. The street leads off darkly to the north and the south.
It is a cool secundus summer's night with almost no wind and some puffy clouds.
There are three obvious exits: north, south and west.
A slinky girl is standing here.

The slinky girl moves aggressively towards you!
The slinky girl cuts your right foot into small pieces with her claws.
The slinky girl cuts your right leg into small pieces with her claws.


In Escrow, they turn into mist and run away when they notice that the sun has risen. Note, however, that they may not notice that it's become daytime until someone actually enters the room or looks into it, so there may still be vampires around after sunrise--and they may get a hit in before disappearing.


  1. If the last item was taken from it--this might not be the same if it reaches the point where it would have decayed.research