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Please read "help rules" on the mud.

Specifically: "Losing your link - Intentionally losing your link (disconnecting, quitting, suing, closing your client window etc.) to avoid death in combat, or to prevent similar undesirable game features, isn't playing fair."

Logging out in the croc pit to su and ask for help is probably a breach of this rule. Posting advice to break the rules may be inadvisable and draw you to the attention of liaisons. 00:01, 22 January 2011 (UTC)


Although I know what you mean, I disagree. Logging off to prevent possible harm while pursuing other interests, in RL or VR, is common and can as such not be forbidden: Is hunting on the streets of Escrow and then logging off to do laundry forbidden, as you could be killed by auto-attacking vampires while you are afk? May I log off when under water? Or only if I'm a fish-priest and have gills? Or perhaps only if I would be able to save myself by swimming to the surface IF I stayed does it also count if I lose some of my equipment in the process?

That is why the 'Rules' you stated are guidelines, not laws, as the thin line between personal freedom to end the game without being 'punished' for it and cheating game concepts can not be clearly defined. If I decide to turn off the game, do something else for a while and reflect on what has happened and what I should do next, that is my decision. I accept that such behaviour has to be avoided if your actions might negatively influence the game experience of other players, such as logging off in a PK fight or from a hunting grooup, but the freedom of a mudder to end the game whenever he/she pleases is important, especially for newer players. I am willing to discuss this with a liaison if neccessary, or anyone else for that matter.