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Far away customers are stationary

NPC Location & notes
Captain Ptargos Djelybeybi Harbor
The shopkeeper Chandlery in Genua Avenua, Genua
Jason Ogg Lancre Town, east from square then south
Martha Headlock Bad Ass
Ptep-ptip-ptop Djbelybeybi
Master Bibh-Lat Djeliybeby, Phoenix Road Serb Unglish Mad Stoat
Esther Elderbury Creel Springs
Dia Shale Creel Springs
Trau Mirnicht Escrow, fair ground
Allen Kingfisher Blackglass
Captain Merreaux Vingian Genua, Musketeers
Watch clerk Genua, Watch House
Stephan Mad Wolf, Mad Wolf Furriers
Len Mad Stoat, Looney Len's Pottery Shop
Mad Gammer Nudity Razorback
Innkeeper Unnamed town, Uberwald
Cohen the Barbarian Barbarian camp

Y u g St ven

h  Hu t  's Head
 d   lf 

Awaiting-Rain (DJB harbour)

Berti Boggis (Skund Forest)

Toohumi (Market street, DJB)

Mr Ra Ta us A adem

e ua

Mam e li i Dead n's al Ge u

Cl a (Escrow)

Harbour mister (Genua)

Ema Nymton

Granma Muckloe (Slice)

Thee (Uberwald)

Len (Looney Len's Pottery Shop, Mad Stoat)

Morchella Esculenta (Undead Defence Shop, Black Glass, ne n ne s of carriage stop)

Death (Death's Realm)

Candice Little (Slice, quilter shop)

L g (Listening Monks Temple)


Distant land customers all move.

Tuffy Distant Lands Escrow, wanders
Miss Pennie Laced Distant Lands Ohulan Cutash, wanders
Laggy-San Distant Lands Bes Pelargic, wanders
Ryattenoki Distant Lands Bes Pelargic, wanders
The Librarian Difficult customers Starts in the Unseen University, wanders
Smuggler captain Difficult customers Ephebe underground


 -H ur A   d

K h

Phos-Phor (Djeliybi)

Lip-phon Lap-top (Djb) Mihk-Gran-Bohp (Djb)

Noobie (Genua) Tuffy (Escrow)

The proprietor (ferry shop, Bes Pelargic)

Mr CMOHO Dhblah (Oasis)

Lon Fa Lo (Bes Pelargic, Phoenix Avenue)

Boy Willie (Bes Pelargic, Imperial district/Walls treet) Mad Hamish (Tune Walk/Imperial)

No Go Wan (Bes Pelargic, Usually found in the west half of the city) Shi Do Gai (Bes Pelargic, Tuna Walk)

Lon Fah Lo (Bes Pelargic Streets)

Laggy-San (Bes Pelargic) Ruto of Fish (Bes Pelargic)

Scuttle Me Own Canoe Dihbl

Vyrt (Ephebe) Glod-san (Bes Pelargic)

Very Reverend Khepresh (Djeliybey) 71-Ahmed (Tacticum, get El Kinte Caravan from DJB)

Greig Schwitz (Genua) Casanunda (Genua) Tfat Chick (Genua, Outer circle/marketplace)

   P    ieto
 fe ry   o

C u er ight on i

DIFFICULT CUSTOMERS Difficult customers generally attack on sight or ar very hard to reach

T e i r r a (U s i ers ) Magpyr

Shelox ice giants thursday Hotan

t-shop proprietor