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  |Djelibeybi Harbor
  |Djelibeybi Harbor
  |One of them dibbler with the ? (=May-I-be-Dipped-in-My-Own-Grease Dih-bah-lah)
  |One of them dibbler with the ?<br>(May-I-be-Dipped-in-My-Own-Grease Dih-bah-lah)
  |Djelibeybi Harbor
  |Djelibeybi Harbor
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|Genua, Talula's Titillating Toys
  |Mr Ra
  |Mr Ra
  |Genua, Tacticus Academy
  |Genua, Tacticus Academy

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Far away

Far away customers are generally stationary

NPC Location
Captain Ptargos Djelibeybi Harbor
One of them dibbler with the ?
(May-I-be-Dipped-in-My-Own-Grease Dih-bah-lah)
Djelibeybi Harbor
Toohumi Djelibeybi, Market Street
Ptep-ptip-ptop Djelibeybi
Master Bibh-Lat Djeliybeby, Phoenix Road
71-hour Ahmed Tacticum (get El Kinte Caravan from Djelibeybi)
Berti Boggis Skund Forest
J. Ogg Lancre Town, forge
Bestiality Carter Lancre Town
Temple Guardian Temple of Soyin
Granny Weatherwax Bad Ass
Martha Headlock Bad Ass
Candice Little Slice, Quilter shop
Serb Unglish Mad Stoat
Virgo Vango Brass Neck
Esther Elderbury Creel Springs
Dia Shale Creel Springs
Trau Mirnicht Escrow, fair
Allen Kingfisher Blackglass
Talula Genua, Talula's Titillating Toys
Mr Ra Genua, Tacticus Academy
Harbour mistress Genua, underground docks
Morchella Esculenta Blackglass, Undead Defence Shop (ne n ne s of carriage stop)
Ema Nymton Escrow, fair
Clara Escrow, chandelers' shop
Captain Merreaux Vingian Genua, Musketeers
Watch clerk Genua, Watch House
Cogsworth Genua, Cogsworth's Clocks
Mr. Myrtle Genua, Silver Bells Silversmiths
The shopkeeper Genua, Chandlery in Genua Avenue
Stephan Mad Wolf, Mad Wolf Furriers
Len Mad Stoat, Looney Len's Pottery Shop
Young Steven Mad Wolf, The Hunter's Head
Mad Gammer Nudity Razorback
Innkeeper Unnamed town, Uberwald
Cohen the Barbarian Barbarian camp
Death Death's realm
Granma Muckloe Slice
Awaiting-Rain Djelybeybi Harbor
A maitre d' Sto Lat, The Hammered Cat
Arimasticopoulous the Mosaicist Ephebe, Rational Street Alleyway
Emile Bois, pub
The owner Ephebe, Market tavern
Betty Ephebe, Morporkian Tearoom

incomplete addresses


Mam e li i Dead n's al Genua

Thee Uberwald

L g Listening Monks Temple

Distant Lands

Distant land customers all move.

NPC Location
Tuffy Escrow
Miss Pennie Laced Ohulan Cutash
Laggy-San Bes Pelargic
Ryattenoki Bes Pelargic
Phos-Phor Djelibeybi
Lip-phon Lap-top Djelibeybi
Mihk-Gran-Bohp Djelibeybi
Noobie Genua
The proprietor Bes Pelargic, ferry shop on Tuna Walk
Lon Fah Lo Bes Pelargic
Mad Hamish Bes Pelargic
Boy Willie Bes Pelargic
Quisoda Bes Pelargic
No Go Wan Bes Pelargic, usually in west half of city
Shi Do Gai Bes Pelargic, usually in Tuna Walk
Laggy-san Bes Pelargic
Glod-san Bes Pelargic
Ruto of Fish Bes Pelargic, underwater in a shipwreck
Scuttle Me Own Canoe Dihbl Calh-Nhad
Vyrt Ephebe (note: he is invisible/hidden, but can still accept letters)
Very Reverend Khepresh Djelibeybi (but way more likely to be found elsewhere with other players)
Greig Schwitz Genua
Casanunda Genua
Tfat Chick Genua (cannot be scried)
Mr CMOHO Dhblah Oasis

Incomplete addresses

 -H ur A   d

K h

Difficult customers

Difficult customers generally attack on sight or ar very hard to reach

NPC Location
The Librarian Starts in the Unseen University, wanders
Smuggler captain Ephebe underground
Queen Shelox Gloomy Forest
Ice giants The Hub
T-shop proprietor Travelling shop
Thursday Thursday's Island

Magpyr (need to know which one)