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  |Distant Lands
  |Distant Lands
  |Escrow, wanders
|Watch clerk
|Far away
|Watch house, Genua
Watch (Genua city watch)

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FENCING VALUE valueing.armour bonus is 176, -7.5% value

shimmering bellydancer skirt 9.58$ red djellian dress 6.06$ fine silk robe 15.62$ black embroided thobe 7.61$ plain white thobe 7.61$ fancy thobe 11.68$ sensible black bags 14.3$ black leather shoes

valueing.jewellery bonus is 161, -8% value

sphinx necklace 8.95$ lion's head ring 2.6$ jangly gold bangle 4.03$ ivory comb 6.9$ electrum hairclip 6.2$ emerald belly stone 12$


If you give a letter back, you will need to wait 10 RL minutes

NPC Delivery type Location & notes
Dia Shale Far away Creel Springs
Tuffy Distant Lands Escrow, wanders
Watch clerk Far away Watch house, Genua


The shopkeeper (chandlery in Genua Avenue,Genua)

atc  cl   s

G ua c ty wa ch Ge

Y u g St ven

h  Hu t  's Head
 d   lf 

Awaiting-Rain (DJB harbour)

Berti Boggis (Skund Forest)

Toohumi (Market street, DJB)

Stephan (The Mad Wolf Furriers, Mad Wolf)

Mr Ra Ta us A adem

e ua

Mam e li i Dead n's al Ge u

Asa Co onks Ram s

Brother Asap (Cool Monks, Ramtops)

Martha Headlock (Bad Ass)

Allen Kingfisher (Blackglass)

Cl a (Escrow) Trau Mirnicht (Escrow, fair) Captain Merreaux Vingian (Genua) Harbour mister (Genua)

Cohan the Barbarian (Barbarian camp)

l d- a (Bes Pelargic)

Allen Kingfisher (Blackglass)

Captain Ptargos (Djelibeybi harbor)

Ptep-ptip-ptop (Djbelybeybi)

Innkeeper (Unnamed Town,Uberwald) (scry as grin)

Ema Nymton

Master Bibh-Lat (Phoenix Road, Djeliybeby)

Granma Muckloe (Slice)

Thee (Uberwald)

Jason Ogg (Lancre Town, east from square then south)

Len (Looney Len's Pottery Shop, Mad Stoat)

Morchella Esculenta (Undead Defence Shop, Black Glass, ne n ne s of carriage stop)

Death (Death's Realm)

Mad Gammer Nudity (Razorback, SW)

Candice Little (Slice, quilter shop)

Serb Unglish (Mad Stoat)

Esther Elderbury (Creel Springs)

L g (Listening Monks Temple)


 -H ur A   d

K h

Phos-Phor (Djeliybi)

Lip-phon Lap-top (Djb) Mihk-Gran-Bohp (Djb)

Noobie (Genua) Tuffy (Escrow)

The proprietor (ferry shop, Bes Pelargic)

Ryattenoki (Bes Pelargic)

Mr CMOHO Dhblah (Oasis)

Lon Fa Lo (Bes Pelargic, Phoenix Avenue)

Boy Willie (Bes Pelargic, Imperial district/Walls treet) Mad Hamish (Tune Walk/Imperial)

No Go Wan (Bes Pelargic, Usually found in the west half of the city) Shi Do Gai (Bes Pelargic, Tuna Walk)

Lon Fah Lo (Bes Pelargic Streets)

Laggy-San (Bes Pelargic) Ruto of Fish (Bes Pelargic)

Scuttle Me Own Canoe Dihbl

Vyrt (Ephebe) Glod-san (Bes Pelargic)

Very Reverend Khepresh (Djeliybey) 71-Ahmed (Tacticum, get El Kinte Caravan from DJB)

Greig Schwitz (Genua) Casanunda (Genua) Tfat Chick (Genua, Outer circle/marketplace)

Miss Pennie Laced (ohulan cutash)

Quisoda (BP)

   P    ieto
 fe ry   o

C u er ight on i

  s P   ie La ed

Oh an ta h

DIFFICULT CUSTOMERS Difficult customers generally attack on sight

The Librarian (wanders, but starts in the Unseen University library)

T e i r r a (U s i ers ) Magpyr

The Grflx Shelox ice giants thursday Hotan Smuggler captain (Ephebe) t-shop proprietor