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'''FAR AWAY'''
Far away customers are stationary
{|class="wikitable sortable" border="1"
!Location & notes
|Captain Ptargos
|Djelybeybi Harbor
|The shopkeeper
|Chandlery in Genua Avenua, Genua
|Jason Ogg
|Lancre Town, east from square then south
|Martha Headlock
|Bad Ass
|Master Bibh-Lat
|Djeliybeby, Phoenix Road
|Serb Unglish
|Mad Stoat
|Esther Elderbury
|Creel Springs
|Dia Shale
|Creel Springs
|Trau Mirnicht
|Escrow, fair ground
|Allen Kingfisher
|Captain Merreaux Vingian
|Genua, Musketeers
|Watch clerk
|Genua, Watch House
|Mad Wolf, Mad Wolf Furriers
|Mad Stoat, Looney Len's Pottery Shop
|Mad Gammer Nudity
|Unnamed town, Uberwald
|Cohen the Barbarian
|Barbarian camp
Y u g St ven
h  Hu t  's Head
  d  lf
Awaiting-Rain (DJB harbour)
Berti Boggis (Skund Forest)
Toohumi (Market street, DJB)
Mr Ra
Ta    us A adem
e ua
Mam e  li i
Dead  n's  al
Ge u
Cl  a (Escrow)
Harbour  mister (Genua)
Ema Nymton
Granma Muckloe (Slice)
Thee (Uberwald)
Len (Looney Len's Pottery Shop, Mad Stoat)
Morchella Esculenta (Undead Defence Shop, Black Glass, ne n ne s of carriage stop)
Death (Death's Realm)
Candice Little (Slice, quilter shop)
L    g (Listening Monks Temple)
Distant land customers all move.
{|class="wikitable sortable" border="1"
|Distant Lands
|Escrow, wanders
|Miss Pennie Laced
|Distant Lands
|Ohulan Cutash, wanders
|Distant Lands
|Bes Pelargic, wanders
|Distant Lands
|Bes Pelargic, wanders
|The Librarian
|Difficult customers
|Starts in the Unseen University, wanders
|Smuggler captain
|Difficult customers
|Ephebe underground
  -H ur A  d
K    h
Phos-Phor (Djeliybi)
Lip-phon Lap-top (Djb)
Mihk-Gran-Bohp (Djb)
Noobie (Genua)
Tuffy (Escrow)
The proprietor (ferry shop, Bes Pelargic)
Mr CMOHO Dhblah (Oasis)
Lon Fa Lo (Bes Pelargic, Phoenix Avenue)
Boy Willie (Bes Pelargic, Imperial district/Walls treet)
Mad Hamish (Tune Walk/Imperial)
No Go Wan (Bes Pelargic, Usually found in the west half of the city)
Shi Do Gai (Bes Pelargic, Tuna Walk)
Lon Fah Lo (Bes Pelargic Streets)
Laggy-San (Bes Pelargic)
Ruto of Fish (Bes Pelargic)
Scuttle Me Own Canoe Dihbl
Vyrt (Ephebe)
Glod-san (Bes Pelargic)
Very Reverend Khepresh (Djeliybey)
71-Ahmed (Tacticum, get El Kinte Caravan from DJB)
Greig Schwitz (Genua)
Casanunda (Genua)
Tfat Chick (Genua, Outer circle/marketplace)
    P    ieto
  fe ry  o
C u  er  ight  on i   
Difficult customers generally attack on sight or ar very hard to reach
T e  i r r a  (U s      i ers  )
ice giants
t-shop proprietor

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