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I'm still a relative newbie to the MUD, so I'm really only touching articles related to thieves.

Right now I'm working on making a useful Thieves Guild navbox (Template:Navbox thieves guild) and in the process I've made a little hack to circumvent the difficulty in adding the "v|d|e" links to navboxes. Just stick the following in your template (the "below" line is often a good place):


Where "ThisIsTheNameOfMyNavbox" is the name of the page containing the navbox, without the frontmost "Template:" bit.

As long as your name doesn't contain spaces or crazy characters, it might be easier to just use:


Where "{{PAGENAME}}" is a wiki variable used to get the name of the page, so it doesn't need to be changed.

If the name of the navbox contains spaces, use the following:


If the navbox contains non-ascii characters, or other characters that might not be valid in a URL, I have no idea what will happen. Try not to do that.

This template will also add any pages it is on to the new Thieves' Guild category.

Eventually I'll probably use info from the helpfiles to create/improve the navboxes for the other guilds as best I can.

I've also made a page to help locate the Thieves Guild guildhalls in different cities which could use some more work (Thieves' Guild guildhall locations).