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This is a list of Venia's ideas.


Cosmopolite's Shoulder Pouches

Idea: #158151

The custom shoulder pouches from Cosmopolite are way inferior to the 'shoulder pouch' item from Assassin's guild and Thieves guild.

It both weights more and holds less. It would be nice if they worked more like Baguette's items do with the ability to hold more
for more weight and the item's weight being dependent on the material used.

At their current weight, hold 14 or 15 items puts them equivalent for the item/weight ratio. That's a lot of items for a shoulder pouch though.
I'd be happy even if they kept their current capacity and weighed the same as the other shoulder pouch (9 items @ 7/9 lb).

I don't know if the goal is to make exclusive shop items to be worth it/best in slot such as the black velvet bag, but
as it stands the shoulder pouch is a bit bland in comparison to the black velvert bag and it would be nice if customization
with regards to the shoulder pouches wasn't punished so heavily.

Much love from a custom item nut <3

Better Describe

Idea: #156345

When describing a covered zone, allow replacing a variable in the description with the item name that is covering it.

For example:
Her ears peek out from behind her % ^COVERED% ^.

Would show:

Her ears peep out from behind her blackened leather helmet.