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Easy Engraving With Colour
alias engrave engrave.withcolour $*$

alias engrave.setcolour alias engrave.withcolour engrave.withlanguage $1$ \$2*\$
alias engrave.setlang alias engrave.withlanguage engrave.action \$1\$ $1$ \$2*\$

alias engrave.withcolour engrave.withlanguage VIOLET $*$
alias engrave.withlanguage engrave.action $1$ Morpork $2*$

alias engrave.action noalias engrave text %^$1$%^$3*$%^RESET%^ on engravething with graving tool in $2$

Example Use:

identify oak ring as engravething
engrave.setcolour VIOLET
engrave.setlang Uberwald
engrave This is a test engraving with Venia's engrave alias!