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Skyel is a graduate of the Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins and a member of Cobra House. He is a player-killer.


You see Skyel the Discreet Assassin of Cobra House. He is a strapping young human lad. He is hard to see properly as he seems to melt in to the shadows. His long, white hair can be seen coming down from his hat and flowing down his back.


Skyel was born in to the noble house of Nife in the family home on The Soake. The assassin tradition goes back eight generations in the Nife family and there was never any question of Skyel studying at the Assassins' Guild when he was old enough. Skyel's childhood was comfortable but he never developed a very close personal relationship with his parents. His father and mother were both very skilled and dangerous assassins. As such, they seemed to lack a certain warmth and compassion as is so often the case with trained killers. However, they never neglected Skyel's early education and by the age of three he could already hit a lamp-post with a No. 10 throwing knife in pitch-black at forty paces. From an early age Skyel's father instilled in him a good sense of fiscal responsibility. As with many rich families, money is seen as something to be cherished and loved and Skyel was taught how to use money responsibly and has always had an aptitude for finances. If he hadn't joined the Assassins' Guild it is entirely likely that he may have trained as an accountant.