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"Sacrificulus" is the official title of the prophet and leader of the "Order of Imminent Immolation".

The current leader of the Order was born in Uberwald, in a small community of Sekkites near the Taterberg Forest. These faitfhul followers of the Seven-Handed used to demonstrate their religious devotion by offering any lost traveller's possessions to Him, and occasionally even the travellers themselves. A few years ago however, just after the Sacrificulus reached Ankh-Morpork, the whole community was killed by vampires, who proved to be particularly hard to sacrifice as they just stood up again and fed on the priest. Now the Sacrificulus is working on recruiting as many devoted madm... followers, to slay the innocent, make their spilled blood the holy water of Sek the Seven-Handed and drown the vampires in it. Dangerously and aggressively mad as he is, he might just succeed...


Sacrificulus is a rather aggressive type of priest, even for a Sekkite, and as such of course not nearly as suited for protective or healing duties as Gufnorkians or Pishites. However, he is always glad to be able to help young folk on their way to enlightenment, and the more carnage they cause on that way, the better. Feel free to ask him for Taxi services (no charge, although a little donation is always welcome) and if you need any help or advice.