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These are a few useful scripts I wrote, for zMUD (they may work in CMUD but you're on your own there). Of course, before importing I recommend backing up your mud files, to be on the safe side.

I made these a long time ago, and as an amateur coder I made it up as I went along, so I doubt I'll be much use if you have any problems, but feel free to contact anyway. Some of the methods I used probably aren't the most efficient, so feel free to streamline them yourselves.

To install just follow the links in the headers and copy and paste the text into your client.

Currency Converter v1

It will automatically convert currencies to Ankh-Morpork dollars when listed in shops, general stores (use "list all") and (hopefully) player shops, generally won't work on NPC peddlers. This works for Lancre, Agatean, Genuan and Djelian currencies. Please note that some of these scripts, particularity the Lancre convector is a little heavy so may lag slightly when listing, this is normal.

Once installed lists should look like this:

> list
The following items are for sale:
     A: a pair of bronze slippers for DjToon 40.00 |AM$20.00| (one left).
     B: a fitted red coat for DjToon 250.00 |AM$125.00| (plenty left).
     C: a nearly transparent dress for DjToon 100.00 |AM$50.00| (plenty left)

HP Monitor v2

This will inform you of any damage you take, and how much, as well as how much HP you gain. It works from the combat monitor and "score brief" It won't report gain from normal HP regen and as such you need to edit the "HpRegen" variable with your HP regen (you can find that out here).


 Hp: 147 {-1064}(1211) Gp: 348 (348) Xp: 453056
 Hp: 1211 {+1064}(1211) Gp: 348 (348) Xp: 453377