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Here is a list of my plugins, and their current "up-to-date" versions, please check if there is an update for any of them you use. You can also check the plugin overview page on my site, Quow Go Moo:

Graphical Minimap GPS Edition v1.02: Quow's Graphical Minimap and Map Tracker provides you with a resizeable, moveable window that displays a graphical map of your surroundings in any recognised village, town, city, guild area or building interior. It shows your exact room location, and tracks you as you move around. It also allows you to look up recorded data for rooms, such as full shop inventories for shops with standard inventory listings. You can search for streets, shops, areas, and even items and quickly look up the location.

Spellcheck, Mindspace and TM Helper v1.2:

This plugin will tell you how much mindspace all of your "spells" currently consume, and how much room you have left. It contains all spellcheck data for every wizard and witch spell to instantly look up, including your chances are of succeeding at every stage. For wizards, lookup any magical skill and see all spells that use that method, and get suggestions for spells that might help you TM that skill. After installing, type "help mindspace" for a list of all the features and commands, and how to use them.

Map Door Text parser and Hunt Helper v0.02:

This plugin will replace the large and messy output of Discworld's "map door text" command, and replace it with a sorted, categorised, list of rooms with quick directions to each rooms, highlights, and more. Designed to make hunting around towns, cities etc. much quicker and more pleasant. Has many advanced features, such as multiple categories, regex matches, etc. After installing, type "help mdt" for a list of client-side commands added by the plugin.

Mission and Job Timers v0.01:

Provides 60 minute timers for completion each of the job market mission types, all 5 dead-letter missions, plus currently Sto-lat pottery and Pennie-Laced missions, for maximising your reward experience. Also has failure timers for returned dead letters or resigned job market missions, for getting a new mission. You can view all current on-going timers at any time by typing "missions".

Klein Bottle Helper v0.03:

This is an extremely simple plugin that triggers when you "look" at a valid (chargeable) klein bottle, and will add an extra output line informing you of how full it is and what size orbs (escaped spells) you can SAFELY capture without risk.

EFF Stats & Advice v0.03:

Tracks total blocks, misses, and knockdowns of your wizard or witch EFF floater. Once installed, type "eff stats" to show your block-rate, or "eff reset" to reset the numbers to 0. For wizards, type "eff check" for suggested shield weights at your bonus.

MXP Notices v0.02:

This tiny little addon requires you to be using MXP in Discworld. It will add an extra output line whenever HP loss is detected, or XP gains over 1000 (limit configurable in the file), are detected - even if those drops or gains wouldn't normally trigger the HP monitor - for example, damage from fleabites, or XP gains from burials performed by other players, etc. Also handy to quickly see how much exp you got for a kill, or a bury. Supports newest Mushclient (4.99 onwards) only, and will not "colourbleed" if notices are sent half-way through a coloured text sent from the Disc as older versions of Mushclient (and this plugin) did.