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Here's where people can keep track of my Mushclient plugins. Most of these are links to Pastebin, and are links to the raw code - if you wish to install them, you can "Save" the page out to your computer, or copy and paste the code to a new file - make sure the file ends in the extension .xml - then within Mushclient, go to file->plugins, or press shift+ctrl+p, and within the plugins file click "Add" and locate the file you created and add it. You can disable them at any time without needing to uninstall them if you only want to use them occasionally.

Graphical Minimap and Map Tracker v0.03:

This requires a download of a set of .png map files and so this is a 1 megabyte .zip download on dropbox. You do not need a dropbox account - just close the sign-in window that appears, then click "Download" in the top-right;

The zip file includes a QuowReadme.txt text file with full installation instructions - please read this carefully! Once installed, type "minimap help" for a list of commands and how you can interact with the minimap window. Latest code-file for the plugin is v0.03. Future updates with have a separate pastebin link posted here so you can update without downloading all the maps again.

Spellcheck, Mindspace and TM Helper v1.02:

This plugin will tell you how much mindspace all of your "spells" currently consume, and how much room you have left. It contains all spellcheck data for every wizzard spell to instantly look up any spell, and what your chances are of succeeding at every stage. You can lookup any magical skill and see all spells that use that method, and get suggestions for spells that might help you TM that skill. After installing, type "help mindspace" for a list of all the features and commands, and how to use them

Klein Bottle Helper v0.03:

This is an extremely simple plugin that triggers when you "look" at a valid (chargable) klein bottle, and will add an extra output line informing you of how full it is and what size orbs (escaped spells) you can SAFELY capture without risk.

EFF Blockrate Stats v0.02:

Tracks total blocks, misses, and knockdowns of your wizard or witch EFF floater. Once installed, type "eff stats" to show your block-rate, or "eff reset" to reset the numbers to 0.

MXP Notices v0.01:

This tiny little addon requires you to be using MXP in Discworld. It will add an extra output line whenever HP loss is detected, or XP gains over 500, are detected - even if those drops or gains wouldn't normally trigger the HP monitor (for example, fleabites, or XP gains from burials performed by other players).