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Some of the aliases I use in game, feel free to pinch and edit to suit


Various data i'm collecting on horses is here , feel free to add any information you have.

Display all skills relevent to horses:

alias hopri options output skills = list;skills,,, $*$;options output skills = branched


alias ahh assess $arg:horses$ health

alias ahn assess $arg:horses$ needs

alias aht assess $arg:horses$ traits

Buying hay/oats:

alias bhh buy hay;palm hay from hay;drop empty sacks;stash hay in my mount

alias bho buy oats;palm oats from oats;drop empty sacks;stash oats in my mount

Feeding hay/oats:

alias fhh retrieve $arg:\1$ handful of hay from my mount;feed hay to my mount

alias fho retrieve $arg:\1$ handful of oats from my mount;feed oats to my mount


alias str1 storm $arg:target$ at a walk with left weapon

alias str2 storm $arg:target$ at a trot with left weapon

alias str3 storm $arg:target$ at a canter with left weapon

alias str4 storm $arg:target$ at a gallop with left weapon


alias gup continue riding on my mount

alias whoa stop journeying;stop riding

alias rd journey $*$ on my mount

alias rdt ride to $*$ on my mount

Misc Aliases


options output skills = list;skills primaries $*$;options output skills = branched

Money brief & rated as AM in my pack & held inventory

alias $ open pack;money in pack brief;rate coins in pack as am;close pack;money brief;rate coins as am

move alias to an alias category

alias ma $ifarg2: alias set category $1$ $2$ $else$ifarg1: frimble you need to select a catergory $else$ frimble Syntax ma [alias name] [alias category] $endif$endif$