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hi it me

hello! i am a returnee to the disc but a newbie to wiki editing. thank you in advance for your patience, help, advice, and following me about with a dustbin! i am an unarmed tentacle-using npk ninja and creator of the Shonkers club for item collectors/hoarders.

kimo's fav nicknames and aliases

  • alias nosteal [handy steal-breaking alias for nonthieves in ankh-morpork: advanced anti-heavying tech]

nosteal: alias steal nope;alias shoplift nope $*$

  • alias gosteal

gosteal: unalias steal;unalias shoplift $*$

  • alias hh [health check that skips unwounded players/npcs]

hh: health wounded all

  • nickname stuff

Nickname stuff expands to things except kept things&money&club badges&strips&furniture [i also throw in some of my deluded things i'm paranoid about losing]

  • alias fenceget

fenceget: unbag at most 10 stuff $*$ [unbag being "get $*$ from bag" derp i forget that one is even an alias]

  • alias fnce

fnce: fence $*$ to fence [don't forget you can nod to fences to respond nonverbally]

  • nickname dc

Nickname dc expands to damaged clothing 1 [for mending- get damaged things (or stuff) from bag, whatever your sewing alias is, mend dc repeatedly until all is fixed]

  • alias cond

cond: condition damaged things $*$

  • alias fk

fk: nosoul feint $arg:target$;nosoul kick $arg:target$ in the face

  • alias trk

trk: nosoul trip $arg:target$; nosoul kick $arg:target$ in the face

  • alias sk

sk: nosoul shove $arg:target$;nosoul kick $arg:target$ in the face

  • nickname wallet

Nickname wallet expands to [black lacquer box] in velvet bag.

  • alias smokie (can give you stealth tms & other people perception tms! then you fall over and wibble!)

smokie: palm weed [black velvet pouch, identified as weed] from [moonlit market garter]belt;palm papers from weed;tear paper from book;put book in weed;palm 1 pinch of hasheesh from weed;slip weed to belt;roll cigarette using paper and some hasheesh;light cig[arette (yet another nickname)];smoke cig $*$

the weird unarmed rearrange

Constitution ... 8        Strength ....... 17       Weight ......... 82.7 kg
Dexterity ...... 14       Wisdom ......... 15 (2) [charged prayer beads]   
Intelligence ... 13       Height ......... 177 cm

kimo's notes on unarmed

to be filled out and formatted as i have time and energy and some day moved to its own page

welcome to unarmed, arguably (see misc) the weirdest and most neglected and maligned spec on the disc! ready to stay behind the damage curve but in a fun and rewarding if slightly punishing way? here we go!

  • gear
    • stuff on hands: according to research, knuckle-dusters and leather-strap gloves apparently do increase unarmed damage. not my research, i don't have any numbers on hand; supposedly they also "decrease melee skills" (confirmed with dusters: fairly substantial bonus drop in both melee and ranged, though not bow. unarmed, defence, special, and points were unaffected). dusters are of course easily replaceable and require no babysitting, unlike certain other options. there may also be an overall benefit because the character has a duster on each hand, effectively raising damage on all punches, as opposed to tentacles which are only boosted on tentacle strikes, and paws where not all strikes are boosted.

according to research the strap gloves may or may not increase damage but may aid in specials. what i recall about the strap gloves was some kind of mitigation of parry damage taken when failing a special but will revisit them for reference. i had slightly more fun with iron gauntlets as kimo already has fairly high strength.

as of this writing kimo is around guild level 240 so i haven't gone for the lion paws yet. according to more meticulous researchers than me, paws have a marginal edge on the squirming black tentacle in terms of damage while the latter is better than the paws against armour. the tentacle may also require high levels of tactics- which you should work on getting regardless. the bottom line on unarmed aid damage continues to shift (elsewhere i found a note that dusters may actually hit harder than the tentacle overall)- dusters and strap gloves are easy to acquire, the paws are a process due to the guild level and quest restriction, and the tentacle is prohibitively expensive for a noob. not many options! soz. it is what it is. you aren't here for toys, you're here to punch stuff. (full disclosure: i am not not here for toys.)

    • healing stuff: tea is of course a staple (ask me if you need a new blackened canteen!) but in the long run i personally recommend whatever combination of bandage, cure light wounds, and healing roses is appropriate for your spec/faith. the xp investment for decent bandaging and rose plucking is lowish. bandages can of course be produced on the go and up to 5 roses can be braided into hair.
    • other stuff mostly relating to low burden: my personal favourite low-burden-spec bag is the ephebe thieves' black velvet bag. doesn't carry a metric ton, but it does carry a lot while keeping burden manageable, so long as you don't mind delooting a bit more frequently. check the ratios on back containers for more details, as well as other roomier options. i put coins and important things in a deluded black lacquer box in the bag- coins will weigh you down a lot and leave you a target for pickpockets, it's best to contain them somehow anyway. while high burden unarmed is definitely possible, it's not really recommended (though of course as a tentacle user i say whatever floats your boat, in the long run- as a wise witch once told me, you can even go with suboptimal). i admit to getting a mostly useless thrill whenever i manage to shed an item that gets my burden under 5%, but loaded down with loot and coin can run up to 16. according to the combat alerts, which i can never remember how to freaking find the toggle but will put here plus more data when i find somebody who remembers how, <5% is a sweet spot.

most armour is pretty heavy. i have heard the padded monk's robe is supposed to be good lightweight armour. steel-toed leather boots are a decently-weighted foot armour, though i tend to go for boots with sheathes- if you need to carry around a cutting edge scalpels weigh the least- stompyboots from the AM cobbler (link later) containing one scalpel weigh "about a pound"- possibly less in total than the sasswot graduate black ankle boots + a blade, and definitely less than the ninja purple ankle boots. will double check on the soft-soled boots with sheathes, which i certainly rocked for a long time, and the white ankle boots which apparently are the lightest weight of all at less than half a pound with no blade.

  • skills

the rule of thumb is advance defensive skills first. this holds mostly true with unarmed except for parry damage. you will take damage through your hands straight through magical and faith (?) shielding from punching trolls, armour, and being parried against with weapons. hitting a troll will give you 1-15 damage (?ish), specials may be more painful, being parried (and blocked i think?) can be 10-50 depending? it isn't a ton but will whittle you down faster than you thought possible, esp when herding- that plus a few specials will take your head off really fast. with unarmed all your skills are defensive. dodging enemy attacks obviously will save your life but so will accurate strikes. you should still lead with advancing dodge (and health!! get your health up over 2k asap) but advancing striking (a lot, like 400+ bonus) will reduce the moment to moment damage you take.

i would also (again) highly recommend advancing tactics early and often, particularly if you're going for a tentacle but also just in general. at lower levels i alternated between focusing on dodge and tactics.

  • ap soak
  • tactics- tactics settings (not the skill) is a mixed bag- these days i rarely go off insane mode, but if you are soloing or group leading i definitely recommend some micromanaging by way of aliases
  • specials - since your damage per hit is fairly low specials count for a lot more. one of the handy benefits of grinding sp ta is better feinting. successful shoving or tripping combined with a face kick will result in a face stomp, which is of course deeply satisfying. feinting is incredibly useful and will often turn the fight around if you or your group run into an aggro imp or something and nobody's landing any hits.
  • tentacle stuff

every darn tattoo including the one with the typo

Looking at yourself again? What a narcissist!

You see Well Travelled Kimo Kawaii the Hidden Serpent.

She is a horrible little monster.

This alleged adult human is about the size and shape of a child with elongated limbs. Her eyes are large and rather far apart, her black hair has a green shine to it, and her little mouth opens impossibly wide and is full of pointy little teeth. The overall effect is that of an imp or a goblin with long eyelashes. She often travels with a tentacle. Sometimes it wears a bow.

She is slightly hurt.

She is sitting on a bench.

Her back has Happy Monkey slaying a demon and a curtain of falling chrysanthemums tattooed on it.

Her right cheek and her left cheek have a cute pink dot tattooed on them.

Her navel has a nautilus shell tattooed on it.

Her right knuckles have KIMOCHI tattooed on them.

Her head has the questions to all the answers tattooed on it.

Her left knuckles have WARUI tattooed on them.

Her throat, her left palm and her right palm have a squid-like eye tattooed on them.

Her neck has chyrsanthemums dissolving into mist tattooed on it.

Her left hand and her right hand have blooming coral tattooed on them.

Her left ankle has a twined centipede anklet tattooed on it.

Her left leg, her left thigh, her right leg, her right kneecap, her left kneecap and her right thigh have blossoms sinking into deep water tattooed on them.

Her right ankle has a knotted hagfish anklet tattooed on it.

Her left hip, her right hip, her lower back, her right buttock, her abdomen and her left buttock have crashing ocean waves tattooed on them.

Her left foot and her right foot have things swimming in the deeps tattooed on them.

The skin around her right eye and the skin around her left eye have striking vermilion eyeliner tattooed on them.

Her forehead has a chrysanthemum blossom tattooed on it.

The small of her back, her left arm, her right arm and her chest have chrysanthemums falling into waves tattooed on them.

Her left breast, her right breast, her left shoulder and her right shoulder have falling chrysanthemums tattooed on them.

Her left wrist and her right wrist have shifting seafoam tattooed on them.

A mysterious opal stone floats around her head.

Her features have been artfully enhanced with ice white eyeshadow, a touch of shiny silver blusher and a dash of jet lipstick.

She has a withered bunch of rain-daisies neatly braided into her hair.

Her skin looks like it has been powdered with chalk, although the face seems not to be covered.

Her right arm has been replaced with a huge black tentacle.

Holding : a set of prayer beads (left hand).

Wearing : a pair of mirrored sunglasses, a moonstone ring, Gleaming Scale, a glittery sequin, a black gold ring and a club badge.

Carrying: a lilac silk chemise, a pair of white fishnet stockings, Scaly Minidress, a pair of raspberry pink stompyboots, a black velvet bag, a breath-taking pink and black suspender belt, a summer's night coat and a sheer black silk scarf. Her purse is tinkling with coins.