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My user page is reserved for research before adding it to the public pages.

I'm currently active on the MUD as Hops, if you want to ask me anything ingame!

There are spoilers on safecracking here. Ye be warned.


Note: Aliases with arguments are a HUGE timesaver for safecraking. If you're thinking about getting into safecracking, figure out your aliases asap.

Extra Tools:

Safecracking tools: Needed to see how to open the safe

Crowbar: Various

Drill: AM Lumber Yard

Rubber Gloves: "A shop in BP".


Dial minigame:

You'll be given 6 dials (1-6) with 6 positions (0-5). You have 12 tries to get the correct sequence of numbers.


dial x to y (move the dial x to position y)

inspect panel (show all dials and positions)

press button (validate try)

Grid minigame:

You have a grid with 9 tile, and 8 letters in the grid. You can slide the letters around like the classic game 8-puzzle. You need to connect one of 5 different wires to the right letter in the right tile. Each try will give you information about either the wire, the tile, or the letter. You cannot attempt to check the same tile or wire twice without shuffling the grid a bit.


slide <letter> (switch the empty tile with the adjacent letter)

connect <colour> to <letter> (attempt a colour/tile/letter combination)

inspect panel (show grid)


Confirmed Locations:

Region General area Detail Skill required Special Loot
AM Grunefair Service Jeweler Shop Visible <234 Drill $11.63
AM Patrician's Palace Clubs Room Visible <234 Drill $9.49-$10.46
AM Patrician's Palace Families Room Visible <234 Rubber Gloves ???
AM Post Office 2nd Floor in painting room, push button. 234<x<248 Dials Golden Postmaster's Hat, $55.05-$56.75
AM Prouts Wine Warehouse Upstairs, visible. 234<x<248 Drill Bottle of Scumble
AM Pseudopolis Yard Ground Floor, se, s from entrance, visible. <248 Mirror $5.21-$8.09 (Not tracked on quota)
AM Pseudopolis Yard 1st floor, in Vimes' room. Visible but he'll attempt to arrest you. >281 ??? ???
AM The Shambles, Bruno's House Upstairs, "move wardrobe aside". Bruno will try to stop you. <258 Mirror Lockpick, $5.57, Thieves Licence
Sto Lat Park Lane, Theodor Hackett's House Not in description, but shows with "l safe" <258 Crowbar Silver necklace, $6-$9
Sto Lat Queen's Road, Underwear Shop Not in description, but shows with "l safe". The shopkeeper will backstab you. With low fighting ~1400 damage. 290 (very low chance) Drill ???
Sto Lat Hill Street, northern house ??? ??? ??? ???
Genua Clacks Tower, Ground floor. Open drawer, slide strip back. <290 Sliding Grid Pink Fluffy Handcuffs (worth 6,68Gl)
Genua Library, South room. Pull tome. <290 Sliding Grid Antique Book (worth 1,1,14Gf)
Genua Barracks, General Sallyforth's office. Visible, Sallyforth doesn't seem to care. >290 ??? ???
Genua Honest Joe's Used Horses, west of DiBlarr Visible, protected by Corolla (reputation hit assumed) >290 ??? ???
Klatch Foreign Legion, first tent on the right Visible, NPCs don't care <290 Tumbler Small canteen with water.
Bes Pelargic First room in the house at the end of cat's tail. Check behind tapestry <307 Mirror Cured human hand.

Unconfirmed Locations: (Locations that I went to, following the thieves guild wiki, which were either extremely vague or I just didn't find the safe)

Region General area Detail Skill required Special Loot
AM Ankh Street Map Shop ??? ??? ??? ???
AM Dwarf Mines ??? ??? ??? ???
Sto Lat Jewelry Shop ??? ??? ??? ???
Bes Pelargic Shop on Long Street ??? ??? ??? ???


Outstanding bugs:

Psuedopolis Yard's two safes are buggy. Ground floor doesn't count in quota, Vimes' office gets you jail time even if nobody is around. 30 mins jail time for attempting to crack it a number of times after getting Vimes to despawn.

Garlic Grove has a chest to pick.