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Juliette is a witch. [1]


  • Bonding


Laos is a wizard. [2]


  • Taxi - see refer laos for list of locations
  • Blorple creation
  • Casting TPA (but not very well)


JPCT and Blorple Management

I use the following system for blorple identification (see Identify for more details):


identify <container> as blorple pouch

for each blorple container. Currently I am using an suspender belt (20 items, 3/9 lb), silk belt pack (larger) (40 items, 1 lb), artificer's toolbelt (24 items, 4/9 lb).

And I have the following aliases set up:

alias le locate every $*$
alias leb locate every $*$ blorple
alias jpct get $*$ blorple from every blorple pouch;cast jpct on $*$ blorple;cond $*$ blorple;put $*$ blorple in every blorple pouch

Then, I identify my blorples using the following system:

:<region> [:<subregion>] <name> blorple

Here are my current blorples at the time of writing:

:am :ankh dragon's dragons dragon nest pallant st street blorple
:am :ankh hidden corner blorple
:am :ankh jonas vault blorple
:am :isle-of-gods lanfear lanfear's house new bridge blorple
:am :morpork :fence troll's trolls head pub jak raplin weapon weapons fence blorple
:am :morpork five ways blorple
:am :morpork hubwards gate blorple
:am :morpork job market blorple
:am :morpork mended drum blorple
:am :morpork nella nella's vault blorple
:am :morpork post office dead letter letters office blorple
:am :morpork sator square uu blorple
:bp :hong-fa blue moon park blorple
:bp :imperial-district silk lane ninja blorple
:bp :red-triangle tuna walk blorple
:bp :shoo-li wung-chi lane samurai dojo blorple
:bp :sum-bing sum bing market street st blorple
:bp brown islands blorple
:bp sunken ship shipwreck ruto of fish blorple
:genua bois blorple
:genua genua bank blorple
:klatch :djb djb djelibeybi crossroads blorple
:klatch :ephebe ephebe glaxos blorple
:klatch calh-nhad calh nhad blorple
:klatch oasis blorple
:ramtops :lancre copperhead village blorple
:ramtops :lancre creel springs blorple
:ramtops :lancre lancre town blorple
:ramtops :lancre mad stoat blorple
:ramtops :lancre slice blorple
:ramtops :other barbarian summer camp blorple
:ramtops :other temple of soyin blorple
:ramtops :other temple of the listening monks blorple
:ramtops :other temple of the monks of cool bar blorple
:ramtops :uberwald blackglass black glass blorple
:ramtops :uberwald escrow town hall blorple
:ramtops :uberwald unnamed town blorple
:ramtops oc ohulan-cutash ohulan cutash blorple
:sto-plains :sto-lat sto-lat sto lat royal market blorple
:sto-plains :sto-lat theodor theodore hacket hackett blorple
:sto-plains death's deaths domain blorple
:sto-plains hillshire blorple
:sto-plains holy-wood holy wood blorple
:sto-plains nowhere blorple

Now I can do things like:

jpct drum
jpct dead letters
jpct dead letter   <-- notice the alternate spelling
jpct dragons nest  <-- works with "dragon" or "dragons" or "dragon's"
jpct pallant st    <-- alternate name for dragon's nest
jpct sto lat       <-- defaults to royal market since "theodor hackett" doesn't have "sto alt" in it
le blorple in hat  <-- show all blorples in one container; useful since `locate` is limited to 30 items
leb :am            <-- show me all blorples in all of Ankh-Morpork
leb :morpork       <-- show me all blorples just in Morpork