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Jerec is a mysterious Assassin hailing from the proud twin cities of Ankh-Morpork. He is Morporkian in nationality, as well as a citizen in Ankh-Morpork. He is currently the Master of Scorpion House of the Ankh-Morpork Guild of Assassins.


Not much is known about Jerec, as he doesn't typically stay in an area long, and doesn't grow overly familiar with its inhabitants. He is known to be somewhat tight-lipped about his origins. However, a few things have been culled from various rumor mills:

- A local barkeep at the Mended Drum in Ankh-Morpork overheard a conversation between Jerec and one of his associates in which Jerec divulged that he wasn't actually human. The barkeep grew uneasy when Jerec noticed him eavesdropping, and ended his shift early, leaving the establishment before he could overhear anything else.

- Once, during a drunken escapade, Jerec become enamored with buying adult entertainment magazines. When a Morpork merchant attempted to verify his age, all Jerec allegedly said was "I stopped counting after 300." According to several witnesses, the merchant went missing shortly thereafter.

- During one of his numerous travels to Djelibeybi, a mercenary spotted a Djelian pickpocket attempting to lift Jerec's wallet. In true Djelian fashion, the mercenary killed the pickpocket and returned the wallet. When Jerec thanked the mercenary and paid him a sum in gratitude, an iconograph fell to the ground, displaying Jerec as a young boy playing with a girl of the same age. On the back of the iconograph was written a short message: "Forgive me".


You see Venomous Jerec Atreides the Master of Scorpion House.
He is a strapping young human lad.
He looks like a man in his twenties, although you can't be completely sure. His black hair has been cut short, and styled into a delightful array of spikes. His face is smooth, and his skin is a pale white and fragile-looking. His dark purple eyes create a stark contrast to his porcelain features, conveying kindness and an old soul. He seems slightly muscular, having overall a lean structure with a hint of mystery, and a definite swagger of confidence. He handles himself with obvious skill and precision.
He is in good shape.
He is standing.
His skin looks as hard as rock.
Holding : a crystal-bladed dagger (left hand) and a crystal-bladed dagger (right hand).
Wearing : a black hooded cloak.