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Priestly Services

Below is a list of the priestly services I offer. All priestly services are free, but donations are greatly appreciated. If you are interested in a service not listed below, please feel free to ask. When requesting services please state your location to save time.

  • Bless
  • Breathe Underwater & Sacred Fins
  • Cure Drunkenness
  • Cure Knurdness
  • Healing
  • Restore
  • Relief
  • Raise Dead
  • Raise Dead Pet
  • Resurrect (Bonus with flat cap: 400)
  • Longsight (Scrying)
  • Shielding
  • Soothing Rain(cures poison, colds, and fleas)
  • Stasis
  • Summon Fluff

I also have all the prayers granted by all the gods in my prayer book, and would be happy to copy the prayers to your prayer book.

Faith Rods

My rates for faith rods are as follows:

  • Impressed = 11 x Bestow cost (without modifiers)
  • Imprinted = 22 x Bestow cost (without modifiers)
  • Multi-ritual rods + 25%
  • Neutral Affinity rods + 50%
  • Poor Affinity rods or multi-ritual rods with different ritual types + 100%

Single Ritual Rods:

  • Soothing Rain (Imprinted) = A$1980
  • Restore (Imprinted) = A$3300
  • Resurrect (Imprinted) = A$5940
  • Find Corpse (Imprinted) = A$880
  • Raise Dead Pet (Imprinted) = A$528
  • Heal (Imprinted) = A$1540

Multi-Ritual Rods:

  • Restore + Soothing Rain (Imprinted) = A$6600
  • Resurrect + Raise Dead Pet (Imprinted) = A$8085
  • Resurrect + Find Corpse (Imprinted) = A$13,640
  • Resurrect + Restore (Imprinted) = A$11,550
  • Resurrect + Find Corpse + Raise Dead Pet (Imprinted) = A$14,696
  • Restore + Soothing Rain + Heal (Imprinted) = A$8525

Due to the high price of these items, I will only accept payment via the “offer” command to make sure everything goes smoothly. I might also be willing to accept payment in Lancre currency. Please contact me for a quote if you’d like me to make you a rod other than those listed.

Taxi Services

Click here to see a list of locations I can take you.

Newbie Starter Packs

Click here for information on my newbie starter packs.

Other Services

Language Primers and Growlers

I will make custom language primers with every learnable language for A$50. I can do up to 32 page primers. You may bring me the book and ink of your choice for the primer. Otherwise the primer will be a cheap chapbook with black ink.

I charge A$100 for a set of 4 growlers in a single language. If you provide the growlers, the price goes down to A$40.

Charm Collection

Click here for a list charms and charm bracelets that I'm looking for and extras I'm willing to trade.