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Character Information
Player name Hannibal
Gender Male
Guild Priesthood of Sek
Started Playing Thu May 28 19:59:29 2009
Player Information
Real Name Unknown
Gender Most Likely


You have 1700 (1700) hit points, 260 (260) guild points, 0 (666) quest points, 18 (1004) achievement points and 152 (152) social points.
Your current experience is 74289 and you are level 100 in the priesthood of Sek; your overall rating is 10287.
You have died 0 times and can die 7 times before you are completely dead.
Your wimpy is set to 20%.
You are unburdened (29%) and quite comfortable.
You are very evil, worshipping Seven-Handed Sek.
You are 4 days, 31 minutes and 57 seconds old and have logged in 35 times.

> You Are Bored.