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Finger Information

Login name: Grimrak
Real name: Daniel
Birthday: 7th of April
Member of the Muggers of the Thieves' Guild
Location: Grimrakistan
Home Page:
First logged on Sun Sep 4 19:43:10 2005 [AEST].
[ ] Kill that damn Annoying Mime
[X] Talk like a pirate every day (Yarr! Check out! September 19 is the offical day!)
[X] Be a thief an' nick stuff, guv
[ ] Stop losing deluded bonded enchanted custom swords (up to swords 8 and 9 now) :(
[ ] Get a decent amount of sailing, to rule the Disc's seas
My pirate name and description from : Mad Davy Vane. Every pirate is a little bit crazy. You, though, are more than just a little bit. You tend to blend into the background occaisionally, but that's okay, because it's much easier to sneak up on people and disembowel them that way. Arr!


(Speed Mafia) Grimrak De'Klepto is a prettyful girl.

(Melbournites) Grimrak De'Klepto: So. Christmas party this Saturday.
(Melbournites) Wallsy kicks puppies: Indeed.
(Melbournites) Grimrak De'Klepto: Who's going? :P
(Melbournites) Wallsy kicks puppies: Lots of people.
(Melbournites) Grimrak De'Klepto: Names?
(Melbournites) Wallsy kicks puppies: Yes, they have those. :-)
(Melbournites) Grimrak De'Klepto: Good, good.

(One) Grimrak: Also screw you all for turning this into a fat joke.
(One) Grimrak: Be more original!
(One) Grimrak: afk eating cake to comfort self

(One) Skye: Who is going to Canberra meet!
(One) Frailbeth: me!
(One) Grimrak: ME
(One) Skye: Wow... a real party :P
(One) Skye: Sounds more like a date ;)
(One) Grimrak: Frailbeth wouldn't cheat on her husband with me. I've checked. :(

(One) Grimrak: Oh awesome, I just realised if I have a kid I can legally name him Seymour Butts.

(One) Sancti wisps that she sinks her fangs into Grimrak.
(One) Grimrak wisps: That's my special area! I need an adult! I need an adult!

(One) Grimrak wisps: You're supposed to give birth on all fours, as its the most comfortable and easy for the mother.
(One) Grimrak wisps: Also, if the baby bounces, you get a wish.

(Apex) Siilaan wisps: Blackwell needs to do mac ports.
(Apex) Grimrak wisps: You'll have to get a computer like the rest of us, Siilaan.

(One) Grimrak: Also Stace, gotcha :D
(One) Grimrak: You thought my parents were dead but they're not :D

(One) Grimrak wisps: I'm going to the hospital to lick some cancer patients now.

(One) LTJ: Would you shoot a swan for 10k?
(One) Grimrak: White or black swan?
(One) Grimrak: (I am leading up to accusations of racism)

(One) Grimrak: I've got a luvverly bunch of breasticles...there they are all standing in a row...big ones, small ones, some as big as your head...give them a twist, a flick of the wrist, that's what the showman said...

(Of The Cross) Wallsy the Educator: GrimRAK, what's with the stupid captialisation?
(Of The Cross) grimRAK d'Klepto: I see you're ogling my huge RAK too.