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Geske (Talk | contribs | skills | finger | achievements)

I also (occasionally play with Chosig, Pyreet and Sektite.

Common Stuff

For my own convenience, some starter aliases.

Easy weapon skills
alias wskills in "misc" skills'''WEAPON''',,, fi.sp.we, fi.sp.ta
alias mb in "misc" money brief
alias sb in "misc score brief
alias insane in "tactics" tactics attitude insane
alias offensive in "tactics" tactics attitude offensive
alias neutral in "tactics" tactics attitude neutral
alias defensive in "tactics" tactics attitude defensive
alias wimp in "tactics" tactics attitude wimp

Wizzy stuff

Skill checker

These aliases are handy for checking out how your progress are towards a specll. I name them cSPELL (ie. ctpa).

alias ctpa skills ma me ph evo,ma me el air,ma me ph chan,ma me ph enc,ma me me cha
alias cjpct  skills ma me ph ench,ma me ph evo,ma me ph bi,ma me ph da,ma me sp ban

Blorp Stuff

alias port get $*$ from blorp;cast Jogloran's Portal of Cheaper Travel on $*$;cond $*$;put $*$ in blorp
alias checkport cond all in blorp damaged
alias fixport coins from lootbag;get $*$ from blorp;fix $*$;fix $*$;fix $*$;put $*$ in blorp;put coins in lootbag

UU Library navigation

When in the library, turn on the "translation" with library1 then you walk as you would normally - it is important that you turn it on straigh after entering the library, otherwise the relation to north will be skewed.

When you're out of the library, turn it off with library0

alias uuwest in "uu-movement" left;turn right
alias uueast in "uu-movement" right;turn left
alias uunorth in "uu-movement" forward
alias uusouth in "uu-movement" backward;turn around

alias library1 in "uu-movement" alias n uunorth;alias w uuwest;alias e uueast;alias s uusouth
alias library0 in "uu-movement" unalias n;unalias w;unalias e;unalias s

Lazy Skill Requirements

Command Levels Skill Exp. Cost
Hide 10 co.hi.person 22,087
Unhide 20 co.stealth  ?
Slip 10 22,087
Conceal 60 co.hi.object 748,808
Unconceal 60 748,808