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(One) Frailbeth wisps: omg. i just popped my toast, and it ACTUALLY flew up in the air and landed neatly in the other toast slot
(One) Frailbeth wisps: that was so cool

(One) Frailbeth wisps: I loved Milo and Otis
(One) Grimrak wisps: Platonically or carnally, Frailbeth?
(One) Frailbeth wisps: Grimrak - I was probably about 8 when I saw it, draw your own conclusion :P
(One) vIRE wisps: Freak :|
(One) Grimrak wisps: I would, but if certain agencies saw it, I'd be in jail. :(
(One) vIRE wisps: If you were 8... I would have been.... .. -4?
(One) Frailbeth wisps: I dunno, vire, I'm only guessing. When did it come out?
(One) vIRE wisps: About 60 years ago
(One) Grimrak wisps: That's what she said.

(One) Skye: Who is going to Canberra meet!
(One) Frailbeth: me!
(One) Grimrak: ME
(One) Skye: Wow... a real party :P
(One) Skye: Sounds more like a date ;)
(One) Grimrak: Frailbeth wouldn't cheat on her husband with me. I've checked. :(