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Fewyn's (Wizard|Black) registered alts are Archon (Warrior|KFL), Wena (Witch), Reitt (Warrior|WMC), Foz (Gufnork), Souffle (Gufnork), Sevikt (Pishe), Chronos (Thief|Cutpurse), Rekt (Wizard|Hoodwinkers), Junkrat (Thief|Smuggler), Corsair (Pishe), Vivid (Assassin|CS), Wyn (Warrior|AMPG), Wynning (Wizard|Circle), Smashy (Sek), Fernir (Warrior|Barbarian), Molasses (Fool), Crypto (Witch), Deadly (Sek) and Flirting (Wizard|Circle).

I mainly play Fernir these days.

You see Axe-master Fernir the Head Splitter.
He is a strapping young human lad.
He is in good shape.
He is standing.
His skin looks as hard as rock, although it seems weaker around the stomach.
Holding : Fever (left hand) and Bubonic Plague (right hand).
Wearing : a pair of dark sunglasses, a wooden ring, a pair of blackened leather boots and a twilight-coloured silk desert cloak.
(under) : a pig-faced bascinet, a sea serpent scale, a blackened leather brigandine skirt, a Philosophers' Society pin, a club badge, a rhino grey canvas duffel bag, a midnight black canvas sea bag, a steel necklace, a Klatchian steel coif, a blackened leather cuirass, a blackened leather brigandine protective, a pair of blackened leather brigandine greaves, two keyring necklaces, a chainmail t-shirt, a pair of dark blue uniform trousers and a pair of studded leather wristlets.

Here are some of my useful aliases I've created: User:Fewyn/Aliases

Dark Mode for Boards/Wiki

I've created a userstyle for the boards and wiki and you can check it out here: [1]