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These are some of the links I find -the- most useful.

Dragon's Nest

Emily's pshop of course!

Discworld Wiki

Skills, Stats and Bonuses

This is the best site for testing out stat rearranges, estimating costs and more. Jeanie maintains the site.

Quow Cow Search

This essentially replaces Kefka's maps and item database


This is the wiki for priests. Misahl is the owner. Kloke is the current admin. Persephone can create new users.

Grant's Discworld Skills

This is an alternative to Gothmudders which is now gone.

Vote for Discworld MUD on Topmudsites

Help keep the mud alive, click daily to promote the mud.

AM Properties List

Ankh-Morpork Council has a complete list of all the properties they tax and how many rooms at each address.

Developer Blogs - Recent Developments

Check out what is new on the disc.

Discworld MUD Bulletin Boards

The boards can be found in world in many locations. However, it is Sooooo much easier to read and post via the web interface.

Complete List of Boards

A list of all the boards you have access too. It won't list club boards for clubs you are not in etc.

Frog Board

The Frog Board is where you want to go for general discussions, posting lost and found. Discussions can cover both discworld and roundworld.
In game the Frog Board can be found in the Drum and generally in at least one place in every major city, often pubs.

Thievesguild Board

Every guild has it's own board. Watch the Thievesguild board for Treasure Hunts.
The Thieves board in AM is one south of the 'foyer'.