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Epitaph Online

Epitaph Online is a new survival horror game, using the Discworld mudlib and FluffOS (just like Discworld). It incorporates a number of very deep structural changes to the way various core game systems work, and various new features that I had originally planned to incorporate into Discworld.

We've finished up with our closed beta, and now we're once more in a development phase as we close doors (mostly) and focus on polishing everything up.

Where can I find out more?

If you want to be kept up to date with how we're progressing, you can sign up for updates at I promise very low volume on this - all you'll get is significant progress updates.

You can also join the facebook page at - I also promise low volume on this (albeit a little higher than the mailing list).

There's a blog too, outlining thoughts on developing a MUD from scratch -

How can I get online?

We're not currently recruiting players, but if you desperately want to come check us out (bear in mind, we are closed for development and thus the game being playable day to day is not a priority) try to find someone who already has an account. They can generate invite codes for people.