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Epitaph Online

Epitaph Online is a new survival horror game, using the Discworld mudlib and FluffOS (just like Discworld). It incorporates a number of very deep structural changes to the way various core game systems work, and various new features that I had originally planned to incorporate into Discworld.

We went through an Alpha testing phase a few months ago, and we're gearing up for our closed Beta (which will occur sometime towards the end of December) with the intention of that being the step before we throw open then doors for an open beta, and then go live.

Where can I find out more?

If you want to be kept up to date with how we're progressing, you can sign up for updates at I promise very low volume on this - all you'll get is significant progress updates, such as when we enter alpha testing.

How can I be a beta tester?

Sign up for updates - Beta Testing invites will be sent through the mailing list in the first instance.

How will Epitaph compare to Discworld?

They're entirely different games, even if they stem from the same base. Discworld is a sandbox game, Epitaph is a narrative game. Suffice to say, I think many, many mistakes were made during Discworld's development (some of which were made by me as much as anyone else), and Epitaph is largely being developed with the benefit of those lessons learned.

In short, if you like the theme and you like Discworld, you'll hopefully like Epitaph even more - I honestly think it's going to be a much better game.