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Way back in the distant past, I also used to be Dionysus (Wizard).

Personal Info

I used to be one of the admin team at Discworld Mud, with general responsibility for Guilds, Areas and Special Projects. If you want to know why that's no longer the case, the interview linked at the top of the page will explain that in horrifying detail.

I am also the owner of the domain. If you would like your own Discworld themed website, then drop me an email or a mudmail and I'll hook you up with the access you need. Similarly, if you need to host large files or such, I can also make space available. Just let me know.

In real life, I'm a former lecturer and current postgraduate in the Department of Applied Computing of the University of Dundee. My research interests are knowledge management, emergent intelligence, accessibility and social computing.

Contact Info

Remove no. and .spam. to get the valid email address.


Sounds like it might sort of fit with Don Quixote, in a way.And I'm not much farther ahead than you are on my Once Upon A Time Challenge. Frodo and the gang haven't even made it to Rivendell yet! I expcet it'll be officially summer before they make it to Mordor, but I'm enjoying every long minute of it.