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Newbiehelpers guide. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK Really good guides for newbies are here:

[1] [2] [3] [4]

Things Many items will be handy in game.

There are so many things to list that perhaps this link[5] will help you find. Just type in what you’d like to buy, click on the results and it will give you a shop. And a price. And a location. How do I know what I need? Well you may need the following. A light source [6] Warm clothing (hat, pants, trousers, socks, bra, cape……Use your imagination.) available in pumpkin town Sturdy shoes (boots, shoes, etc) available in pumpkin town A weapon (pick one and stick with it)available in pumpkin town [7] A shield available in pumpkin town [8]

Things you may want Armour[] MAP[9] gives you maps of all the in game areas.

Clients I encourage buying either Zmud or Cmud and downloading the (out of date) map from [10] and updating it yourself. Its well worth the investment in cmud/zmud. I can’t imagine playing the game without the map. Or the client of your choice.

The Discworld Wiki '''''' gives loads of info, on all items, guilds, spells, rituals,commands, etc……

Guild specific sites. There are other sites. Use an internet search engine of your choice to find them. These links work as of the 09/01/2013.

Witches [11] [12]

Wizards [13] [14] [15]

Priests [16] [17]

Assassins [18] [19] [20]

Warriors [21] out of date, but still excellent

Thieves [22] MAPS [23] [24]

Don’t forget [25]

For all other player links.

Thanks for reading and have fun.

Should you as a newbie want a newbie pack (which includes a backpack, a royal (100 am dollars) and a yellow stone ring plus a link to this page, send an application in English by mudmail in game to Dobbin.