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Newbie guide.


Really good guides for newbies are here:


Many items will be handy in game.

There are so many things to list that perhaps Kefka's itemdb will help you find. Just type in what you’d like to buy, click on the results and it will give you a shop. And a price. And a location.

  • How do I know what I need?

Well you may need the following.

  • A light source Category:Light_sources
  • Warm clothing (hat, pants, trousers, socks, bra, cape... Use your imagination.) available in pumpkin town
  • Sturdy shoes (boots, shoes, etc.) available in pumpkin town
  • A weapon (pick one and stick with it) available in pumpkin town
  • A shield available in pumpkin town

Things you may want

Clients I encourage buying either Zmud or Cmud and downloading the (out of date) map from [1] and updating it yourself. Its well worth the investment in cmud/zmud. I can’t imagine playing the game without the map. Or the client of your choice.

The Discworld Wiki (this website) gives loads of info, on all items, guilds, spells, rituals, commands, etc.

Guild specific sites. There are other sites. Use an internet search engine of your choice to find them. These links work as of the 09/01/2013.








Don’t forget

For all other player links.

Thanks for reading and have fun.

Should you as a newbie want a newbie pack (which includes a backpack, a royal (100 am dollars) and a yellow stone ring plus a link to this page, send an application in English by mudmail in game to Dobbin.


From time to time together with the playerhelpers club and as part of my newbie helpers rôle I will try to organise newbie treasure hunts for players under 10 days old and older players to work together. Below is the first one.

Newbie/older player treasure hunt To encourage newbies . At some date to be defined in the very near future there will be a newbie treasure hunt. This event will be run in association with the playerhelpers club and Taxi club and a big thanks to AM council, who will provide the funding I aim for the 16th of February at 17hrs CET, but this is still to be fixed depending upon participation. If I don't get more than 4 participants then I won't run the event. The rules: This competion is for new characters up to 10 days old on application (and older characters who want to help). How it works. Teams of 4 (three newbies and an older character) will take part. There will be a maximum of ten teams. Teams set off from a location they have to solve from the first clue to another location , also indicated on the first clue. This clue will lead them to the next clue and so on and there are ten clues in total. The clues will be written* in Ankh Morporkian , Djelian, Agatean, on nice paper and placed in an envelope. A helper will hand the envelope,which the team reads, notes down, and gives back to the helper.(to be newbie friendly) If teams arrive quickly one after the other,then they will just have to be patient.The helper will award the 10 dollar prize to the fastest team and the helper's decision is final.

  • except for:

An imp in a bank who will speak one clue (in Djelian).(so make sure someone your team can speak Djelian ) One clue will be written in crayon (in Morporkian)on a fixed place indoor NPC.(so make sure someone in your team can read Morporkian or perform clarify)

PRIZES Each team member will receive a 'taking part' prize of 1 royal plus the following prizes will be offered:

1st prize: A pewter trophy (DjToon 48.00) for the winning team, and a bottle of Champagne (20 dollars) with a prize of 4 royals per player and the cup will be engraved with the winning teams names on it if time allows.

2nd Prize A large silver trophy (cost 30 toon) for the second team , together with a prize of 2 royals/player, and the cup will be engraved with the winning team's name on it if time allows.

Third prize A small silver trophy (DjToon 20.00) for the winning team, together with a prize of 1 royal/player and the cup will be engraved.

Last prize A wooden log for the last place team. .. if I can get one! (I wanted a wooden spoon but….. I cant find one in game. Perhaps I could make one!)

There will be a TEN dollar prize to each TEAM who get to each clue first(so get all ten and its a royal to be shared.)Get one and its 2 dollars 50 for each team member.

The treasure hunt is won by the first team (All the team!) who visit "each" site (there will be a player at each site to check this)"and" get to the last clue FIRST. (so if you get to the first clue first, you haven't won.... YET.) I will ask players at clue sites to keep a log……just in case. There are ten sites to visit. Why not take a photo of each one!

How can you you help? 1) Get involved by being a volunteer in a clue spot (10 needed), or as a guide in a team(max ten needed), or as a participant(max 30 needed) 2) Inform newer players of this event.(but don't spam them) 3) Tell guild leaders/older players/anyone you can.nicely.

How do I apply to take part? Send a mud mail /tell to me, (Dobbin), in game, stating EXACTLY what you’d like to do. With choices of...I want to A)help out with by being at a clue spot, B) take part in a team as a new character, C)take part in a team as an old character/guide D) other suggestions( those using trombones,turtles and lard won't be considered) You don’t need to be Shakespeare, any /all polite applications will be considered. So far x** people have offered help and the taxi club have offered transportation for teams.

    • (Where x is a whole number between 0 and as big as you can imagine)

“Refer DoBBiN” for an off site web address on the wiki with all this on it.