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You see Quiet Casiphia d'Leshpian the Proficient Robber

She is an unassuming young mugger with the Guild of Thieves. She stands awkwardly at an unimpressive 5'4" with a sturdy and wide frame. Her dark hair is neatly braided resting upon her shoulders as thin tendrils frame her lean and stoic face. Her dead-set amber eyes carefully watch over everyone who passes by, noting their subtle movements and possessions. As she notices you glancing towards her, her eyes soften and she smiles at you exposing a set of dimples sitting comfortably on her cheeks. Her shoulders are slouched over as her hands clasp together clumsily in front of her. She is adorned with an assortment of heavy armour and tools of her trade that move deftly alongside her as she walks.

Holding: a black iron war hammer (left hand) and a runic crescent wrench (right hand).

Wearing: a jet black damask silk skirt, a jet black damask silk bodice, a seashell white damask silk blouse, a sable black denim sea bag, a sea foam green denim sea bag, a pink leather choker, a cat nose with whiskers, a bone bracelet, a Thieves' Guild Licence, a medal of great honour, a utility belt, a dragonhead ring, a stealth watch, a sky blue crystal loveheart necklace, a pair of crystal earrings, two belt loops and a silver tree of life ring.

Carrying: a silver cigarette case and a holy symbol.


9 20 12 16 8



This is a list of safes actively being worked on by Cas and Taph.

Contains Spoilers for Safe Locations
Location Region Type Listed Bonus 195 200 205 210 Notes
Dwarven mine AM item: crowbar <244 down,down,drop corpse, l wall
Store on Grunefair AM item: drill low X
Flaming Cabbage AM item: fire <244 move menu
Shipwreck AM item: gloves low cant find
Patrician's Palace AM item: gloves >195 X
Pseudopolis watch house (second floor) AM panel >240 X X X X
Sake shop BP combination ~210 ad.per; ~245
Intruders BP item: drill low
Underwater Fish Bar BP item: hammer low cant find
Guild of Embalmers DJB item: drill <244 need corpse/chit
Ephebian Embassy DJB tumbler ad.per 185, >250 ne,n,peek under leaf
Foreign legion Klatch tumbler <230
Thieves Guild Ramtops item: crowbar <250 e,l hearth
Drink spot in Ohulan Cutash Ramtops item: mirror 250 up,n,kill lady, search chest
Slippery Hollow manor Ramtops panel >250 e,move painting
Copperhead mines Ramtops tumbler
Dog God temple Ephebe combination ad.per>290>350 e,e,n,look under table
Citadel Ephebe tumbler >270 pick door
Library Genua panel <245 X X X X s, pull tome
Clacks Tower Genua panel >250 X X X X
Used Horses Genua item: drill >350 dangerous! n,w
General's safe Genua panel >250 barracks n,n,nw,n,w,n,up,s,e,e,n
guarded Genua panel
Underground office (not under ground) Genua tumbler cant find


Covert Businsess

Highest Value Stolen: &&&&&&&&&&+24700 A$61.75

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