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I am a warrior. I have a wizard, thief, and priest alts :P.

I can judge daggers and swords for strengths 9 through 23.

I can compare swords with a wee bit of work (Sek strength boost and OC wisdom boost)

I can judge axes and maces for strengths 13 through 23.

I can judge heavy-swords for strengths 16 to 18, 20 to 23.

I can judge misc weapons for strengths 16 to 18, 20 to 22.

I can judge polearms for strengths 16 to 18, 20 and 21.

I should shortly be able to judge polearms and flails as well at the same level as heavy-swords and misc weapons.

My thief alt will be able to judge swords at 8 strength as to get that information if anyone would find it useful.

For higher strengths, I am debating starting an alt with maxed strength and intelligence just for judging purposes. It will probably be an imperial guard to aid in purchasing the weapons from that shop.

I also have a lousy Discworld MUD comic which doesn't get the attention it deserves.