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Character Information
Player name Arcanus
Gender Male
Guild Cutpurses, Thieves' Guild
Started Playing April 18, 2011
Title Crafty Arcanus Inquisitor the Practiced Looter, Exhumer of Secrets, Member of the Apex Club, Connoisseur of the Arts
Notes Founder of the Inquisitor family


Player Information
Real Name Andrew Zigler
Gender Male
E-Mail Address

Role-Playing Information


Serpentine in form and maner, this man carries himself with an intense aura that accents all of his actions with a sense of gravity. The mark of noble reflection upon this male's characteristics is lost in a hollow air which dominates his figure. His broad shoulders are marred by the lack of build upon them, while his face would hold some notion of beauty were if not for the gaunt look and darkened rings against the edges of his azure-colored eyes. Some wrinkles have begun to form beneath his eyes, reflecting the consequences of insomina, stress, and age. His nose is slender and draws down to stop a fraction too close to his pale, full lips. His chin is broad, appearing awkwardly rigid amongst the general gauntness of his facial features. The edges of his mouth tilt upward slightly, leaving a natural hint of a smirk along his lips. Well oiled, his onyx hair has been cut short, the loose strands forced back within a straightened pattern along the top of his head. His spindly stature is complimented by long, skinny legs which seem to harbor more muscle than his upper body. His hands are slender and unmarked by the slightest hint of physical labor from the past. There are no physical scars or blemishes across the pale skin of this man, though due to his thinness, tiny bumps mark the positions of his bones and joints. His average height and unintimidating physical build are mismatched with his straight, proper posture.

Personal Story

The heir to the Inquisitor family, Arcanus was originally hoped to be a wizard, but when his eyes failed to detect octarine, it was accepted that he was unable to fulfill that goal. Instead, his family trained him to become a great spy and an expert of the shadows. While many of his cousins became assassins, he chose to become a thief, desiring to steal more than to kill. While his family can be quite evil and shady, Arcanus himself is relatively calm and benevolent. While he has a genetic greed for power, he also has sincere compassion for people. As a young thief, he hopes to become a skilled linguist and travel the world before returning to Ankh-Morpork and becoming a politician on behalf of his family. He is a follower of Gufnork, finding the god's commandments to ring true his creed. However, he is also a secret worshipper of Bel-Shamharoth, who is rumored to be his family's founder. His name is the Latatian adjective for secret or hidden. While it was originally meant to describe the dark magic his family wanted him to learn, it has come to represent his main mode of living.

Family Story

The Inquisitor family is a rich, noble pedigree that has been known to produce some of the best wizards and politicians of Ankh-Morpork. The family has a clandestine history and has earned a healthy fear from the populace for its use of dark magic. Bel-Shamharoth is rumored to be the family's progenitor, creating the original ancestors out of shadows and otherworldly magic. Those of the family who aren't born into the way of magic usually become priests, assassins, or thieves. The family has rarely been home to any warriors. The family name is the Latatian noun for seeker or searcher. In the spirit of this, many of the family's scions are named after Latatian adjectives that describe the family's ambitions for them.


While some might players might list spells that they cast or things that they sell, I'm a bit more philosophical about my services.

I am skilled at gathering and organizing information. Whether you need to know prices of something, where something is, or what someone is up to, I can help you obtain that information because I am a natural investigator. I can do research, interact intelligently with NPCs, make lists, and come up with creative problem solving techniques. I can also organize items, and with a little bit of time I can turn a cluttered house or shop into an accountable system.

Need help raising funds for a project or event? I could assist you with raising money that will let your ideas come to fruition. Being a thief, money comes more naturally to me than it may other people. I'm all about empowering great ideas and would love to help you make something big happen.

I am interested in planning events and can help with anything and everything, from gathering gifts to creating fliers to controlling quality. Just let me know how I can help you and I will do my best.

As a thief, I am also naturally inclined to assist you with any and all of your clandestine needs, whether that is shoplifting items, lockpicking doors, or stealing from NPCs.

I am also interested in learning how to craft, and would be willing to help with anything related to that. I could help you collect the items needed or come up with ideas for an object, acting as a muse.