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Quests are puzzles found in the MUD. Upon completion of a quest, you receive quest points, varying amounts of xp (depending on the quest level), a Creator Collector Card, and a title which you can choose to add to the end of your name (which shows up in "who"), that can be set with the command title quest (or title quest none or title quest random, if you prefer)

It is important to note that discussing quests on public channels and boards is severely frowned upon, being seen as spoilers. Many players like to attempt to find and complete quests without looking at the hints or solutions - please respect their desire to do so.

Also found on the MUD are achievements, which are not quests; they do not require figuring out puzzle elements to complete. They are publicly listed and can be freely discussed.

Unofficial Discworld quests solutions

WARNING: The below links contain multiple quest solutions per page in their entirety, although everything except quest names and short descriptions ("In which you...") should be in spoiler text (highlight to read). Still, click at your own risk.

If you only want hints or to see one solution at a time, you can go to the Official Quest Solutions page (must be logged in) instead.

You can check the Discworld quest table with basic information (name, in which you..., level, location) for all quests, with links to the full solutions. There's also a more verbose list with the same info by location.

There also a page with quest info on quests easily doable for newbies.

The links below are pages with the quests for those areas.

Discworld quests

Ankh-Morpork quests

Counterweight Continent quests

Genua quests

Klatch quests

Sto Plains quests

Travelling Shop quests

Ramtops quests

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